War of the Mythical

Humans are invading the home of the mythical creatures. That's not surprising. We humans have a way of messing things up. Anyways, a group of creautures are trying to save thier home and you know the rest. One of those starter stories to getcha goin' you know right? Writing this by myself and probably will do that for most of my stories. Sorry if you think im greedy but I prefer it that way.


"NOOOOOOO!' whinnied Demon. The sword twisted into Angel's body and she neighed for help. Blood poured out as she fell to the grass her eyes wide with pain. Furious Demon sped toward the attacker.....

WOAH WOAH WOAH! Let's back it up here! First of all our story does NOT start here. Second of all this is waaaaaay at the back! Why's it here? Lastly I believe our story starts in a grassy plain.....

Demon was a large strong incredibly fast unicorn. He was black as night with eyes just the same. His eyes twinkled as though they were the dark night sky with stars faintly twinkling.

He was fast as the wind, but he lacked one thing. Contentment.  The great search. But he knew what he wanted. He longed for love. So long had his father and mother whispered in his ears as a young, naive, hornless, unicorn the great stories of the powerful force.

He longed for love with all his heart. He searched the land for that one lady. He searched among dragons, faires, elves, ..... Nothing. Not one creature of any race seemed right for him. Not even among his kin, the unicorns.

But soon, all that would change......


The End

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