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Max lives in a world where science is law magic is just a legend. but just on the other side of a mystical "bridge" is a world where the opposite rings true. magic and science rule the worlds and nature any unbalance will throw the worlds out, but three thousand years ago magic left our world and science the other...

The bell rang for the end of fourth period. Packing his bag and quickly walking out the door Max went to lunch. Hoping to see Jade before she dissapeared into the whirlwind that was the short lunch break they had. As Jade walked past him he said the casual "hi" and then asked her if she was going to Hurley's party tonight. After a minute of meaningless gossip, which of course meant the world to max Jades friends came along and she politely excused herself to break off into her group.


Waiting in the park for Jade, Max braved the freezing cold winds and all round horribly miserable weather of winter just to escort Jade the rest of the way to the party. As he waited Max replayed her journey to the party in his head beleiving he knew exactly where Jade was and how long it would take for her to get there. As Jade got closer Max could hear voices in the distance and his heart sank. Jade rounded the corner in the company of Ben and Mary. If there was one thing that would make you both uncomfortable and also lonely it was a couple in loving embrace of each other. Not allowing the emotions to show Max jumped off the top of the slide and jogged over to the trio. Seeing Jade wearing naught but a beautiful black dress took off his jacket and put it over her shoulders even through her protests. Embracing the cold Max set off at a slow walk matching the groups speed. As conversation flared up again Max listened to Jade gossiping to Mary and then Ben came around the back of the two and ended up on Max's other side. In as low a voice as he could muster while still being audible Ben asked Max whether he was finally going to ask Jade out tonight. Ben being Max's best friend since they were little kids had known about Max's infatuation for Jade ever since it began a year ago. As Max replied in the negative Ben sighed loudly and walked back over to his side of the group. As Mary asked him what that was about Max saw that they were just a few blocks from the party and started walking a little faster forcing the group to speed up wih him. Thinking about what Ben had said Max saw it was probably the right time to do it. Considering he was in the best light in Jade's eyes that he probably ever would be as just a friend, so he decided tonight he would ask her and pray not to be rejected.


Max was excited to the point of bursting, on the inside. He could not let that show as he left the party. As he watched Jade begin her walk home into the night away from the bubble of joy that was the party they had both left, Max ran up to her and asked if she would like some company on the way home. Receiving her reply in the affirmative he began to walk, doing his best to match her speed.

As the moderatley long walk began a total silence fell over the two. Not wanting to walk the whole way in silence Max said "so did you enjoy the party tonight?" hoping for an answer but not entirely expecting one he was pleasantly surprised when Jade leapt into a full on barrage of words that washed through Max like a summers breeze relaxing him and making him feel more at ease.

As they left the welcoming lights of the center of town the night enveloped them completely. Jade was still talking, something about how sarah had had to go home early because she had felt ill.

Although Max had been listening thoroughly he had been lacking in his visual participation. As Max looked up to see Jades face again he noticed she was about to cross the road, just as a car came screaming around the corner at an insane speed heading right towards Jade. Seeing the immediate danger she was in he sprinted down the bank of the pathway and onto the road, grabbed Jade by the waist and yanked her back towards the curb jumping back right at the very last second, receiving a violent gust of wind in his face. Helping Jade back to her feet after having been shoved to the ground, Max expected her to be angry at him or to receive some even mildly admonishing remark. And once again to his surprise she hugged him and thanked him for saving her life.

As Max remembered his plan to ask Jade out Max heard a rustle from the bushes next to him and was startled when a man stepped out of it holding a long gleaming knife. As Max realised the danger they were in he turned to protect Jade and saw another two men stepping from the shadows not five paces away.

Guiding Jade to his left side, the side with noone there the two men before him pulled out gleaming knives.  Max, instinctively thought of ways that he could get out of the current circumstances, finding that it was going to be near impossible with Jade with him as well he decided that the only way to get away safely was to leave himself behind and let her run. Crouching slowly he picked up the closest rock he could find and tucked it into a clenched fist. as the lead man began to talk  he was eyeing off Jades necklace, a beautiful work of art of an angel surrounded in a blanket of diamond in silver webbing. seeing the man eyeing Jades necklace like that, was the last straw.

Max knew he could not let the man leave in the same condition he came in.
as the man was talking all Max could hear was "that necklace now or your boyfriend here gets a nice little hole in his stomach" Max thought 'all hot air and empty threats i mean if he wants to stab me he needs to get me first' at that thought a massive grin broke out on Max's face, 'bad move Max now he knows somethings up.'

as the man saw Max's smile he remembered to quickly cover it up, resuming talking the man was about to make another threat when Max suddenly kicked in the fork of the mans legs, spun around and using the momentum behind the spin threw the rock he had picked up at the man on the left,  hitting him in the stomach. Turning to Jade he pushed her towards her house and shouted "RUN!!!".

Turning back to the last man standing he was met with a well placed blow to the jaw and heard a wet crack as the blow made contact. Practically flying from the force of the blow Max landed on the first man he had attacked. Seeing the man he threw the rock at running for Jade, who to her credit had gained a considerable lead on the man.

After a second of admiring her speed Max suddenly realised in full the danger she was in. Elbowing the man he was on top of in the face, and punching the other man in the knee as hard as he could Max got up faster than he thought
possible and began the long run to Jade.

Not being known as a sprinter, or even as a runner for that matter he thought he would never catch up to them, but to his astonishment the adrenaline going through his body from the fight allowed him to sprint faster than his legs could possibly carry him. Reaching the last man just outside Jades house Max jumped onto the mans back, wrapping his arms around the mans throat tugging with all his strength. The man toppled onto the front fence, breaking through it like a pile of toothpicks, splinters flying everywhere. Max flung his hand out and grabbed one of the splinters, and it came back with a sizeable chunk of wood with a sharp end one side, not stopping to think Max stabbed the man in the right shoulderblade and as the man screamed Max got up and sprinted inside the house.

Entering the doorway it was as if nothing had happened.
The only clue something was up was Max's jaw swelling up and claw marks along Jades arm that she received as she had sidestepped the man. After standing still for a few seconds he realised that Jade's parents were running from the kitchen with looks of fury on their faces. they obviously didnt notice that Max had just possibly saved her life twice within three minutes.

As Jade closed the door and clicked the lock Max walked to the nearest window pulling the blinds shut and halfway through realised there was no point to it so he stopped. searching the room for anything that he could use as a weapon he saw an iron poker, walking over to it he suggested that they close the back door and lock it. Just as Max picked up the poker the door shuddered and a thud resounded through the stunned silence.

As Max took up a defensible position that would be easy to escape he realised that the thugs were somehow coming around the back as well as the front. Abbandoning his position he ran over to Jade. Ushering her and her parents ino the closest room, closing the door and shoving a dresser draw in front of the door and then pulled the bed infront of the door as well making sure that there was a line of furniture from the door to the opposite wall so that breaking in the door would be near impossible.

It wasnt until then that he noticed the girl in the bed asleep through the clamour of the last minute. Walking over to the window and throwing it open he told everyone inside to call the police and realised sheepishly that Jade was already doing just that. Seeing her face for what he thought may be the last time he asked her father if he would be able join him and protect his family,which to his delight the man agreed  was for the best.

climbing out the window, iron poker in hand, in the shadows he saw at least four men running from the front yard  around to the back door, a little late but a bad omen nonetheless.
 Hearing the bedroom door being tested by the men Max knew he had to act quickly otherwise there was a small chance, but still a chance that they could break in. Wishing he had been able to plan better and assign someone to protect the door Max hit the ground as silently as he possibly could, then helped Jades father out as well. as jades father jumped out he managed to land on a rock and due to his age break his ankle.
Jades father attempted to stifle the scream that rose to his throat, but even though he kept quiet he was severely incapacitated and so while the men were preoccupied with getting through the door Max caught the attention of Jade and helped her father back through the window and telling him to make sure no-one came through the window if he could stop it.
turning around away from the window Max walked over to the nearest window and opened it, trying to make it look like Jade and her family were hiding in there. he would at least give them a few seconds more.

 walking towards the back door as cautiously as he could, he came across the shattered remnants of what had been a door.
walking as quietly as possible into the house Max stumbled across two men
walking through the house their arms filled with piles of valuables.
again filled with rage but this time being able to express it in actions
properly Max brought up the poker to eye level and nodding his head ever
so slightly leapt into an explosion of violence with a strike across
a face here, a stab into a chest there and after just three seconds of
action had two men lying at his feet either unconcious or dead with a
puddle of jewelery and other things surrounding them. sheepishly he
realised that that brash release of rage had most likely alerted the men's
comrades and he would be in immense danger very soon.

As Max stepped around the corner he saw that the men were not at all worried
about their fallen comrades, but in fact more interested in breaking through
the door. seeing that the men had given up on breaking the door down and had
decided to smash the top of the door and would be through soon Max made a split
second decision, he ran up full sprint and jumped. As he flew through the air
he once again brought up the iron poker this time above his head like an axe
about to chop through a peice of wood and brought it down hard on the leaders
head making a nice dent the shock of which ran down Max's hand into his arm
and right to his skull.

 As Max absorbed the impact he realised the folly of jumping as he landed and ran into the man he hit and knocked him into the others.
Seeing this a their cue the men stepped forward in unison, three men wide and two
rows thick. six men, all with murder in their eyes. Max broke into a run for the back
door again. Hitting the wall with his body he pushed off and managed to turn the
corner. As Max pushed his body through the broken doorway he heard the crunch
of bodies falling through the plasterboard walls.

 Seeing the freedom of red and blue lights flashing off to his right Max ran along the house back to the open window. Realising just how
big a problem this could become Max decided to mislead the men by climbing through the dummy window and waiting till he could see the men before he finally jumped in.
As he one final time prepared his poker for a last assault out the window he felt a sharp pain enter his back, leaving his body through his chest and being drawn
back out and slowly but purposefullly wiping the blade across Max's shirt as he fell
seemingly at a crawl to the ground.

His vision began to blur as a bright white light
entered the center of his vision. his hearing still being perfectly fine he was horrified
to hear the man who had stabbed him shout out the window "next window you fools, you let a child trick you!" after a few seconds he heard the thump he hoped was Jades father knocking one of the men out then the unmistakable scream of Jade. Finally his vision gone completely white...

The End

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