Mother's wordsMature

Bound by his mother’s words, Tristan rose and reluctantly let Jet steer him out of the building. He swore and cursed and told them he hoped really awful things happened to the both of them, but Jet just laughed at him the whole way. Jet strung the teen up, tying his limbs together to prevent him struggling as they flew back to the Americas.

‘We need to forget China now, and indeed Oceania for now, at least. We need more of the Americas under our grasp.’ Jet announced his change of mind as they flew. Alice looked at him surprised.

‘We’ve sent armies already, though.’ She said.

‘I know. Let them do their job. In fact, let Xanthe slaughter the lot of them. She needs to think I’m weaker than I am. We can certainly hold our own if she decides to invade, especially if she is under the impression that I am not as strong as she first thought.’ Jet explained and though Alice was unsure, she went along with it. She had to trust he knew what he was doing. Jet’s face was thoughtful as they landed in his favourite room. He walked straight to the map with Alice’s plans on and prodded each dot displaying where the troops were to be sent.

‘Tell each troop to retreat with haste when the death toll reaches about a hundred. No more, no less. We need to keep ever soldier we can, since the others have refused to fight in Oceania. We will use those reluctant to fight Xanthe to take the remaining major cities in America, moving in split formation north to Canada and south to Brazil. Understood?’ His orders came fast and snappish, commanding every being in the room to listen, whether they wanted to or not.

Tristan was listening with an expression of anger and confusion. He hated Jet for being so brusque. Everything about the demon pissed Tristan off and made him hate demons more and more by the minute. He was becoming desperate to purge the evil from his own veins, but he knew it would be impossible – it was his burden, his curse from birth to walk among these degenerates.

‘Alice,’ Jet’s voice pierced the room again, and Tristan winced as his mother smiled seductively at the demon. He closed his eyes when Jet moved close to her like a romantic lover, gazing down at her as if he cared. ‘I believe your... son needs a little training in the fighting area. He is far too weak to be of any use. I should have done it the other way around – I guess being half angel took away his innate combat skills.’ He smiled softly and kissed Alice on the lips. Tristan kept his eyes tight shut.

The End

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