Fight or die.Mature

Alice held a hand to her forehead then sighed before jumping out the window after Jet. She was always a few paces behind him apart from when they landed in Tokyo. "Jet, we should be quick isn't this now Jaska's land?" Jet simply shrugged. "Jaska will hardly be bothered by us picking up your son." He hissed as they jumped towards the builiding where Tristan was still sat crying.

"Would you snap out of it you pathetic wimp!" Jet shouted, kicking Tristan in the back.  Tristan fell forward. "Bastard." He yelled as he fell to the floor. Carefully he tried to pull himself back up. "What was that?" Jet asked pushing Tristan backwards. "You're a bastard, a dirty, rotten bastard! You turned me on my own blood, well I won't I won't fight anymore!" Tristan growled, punching Jet in the face. It broke his glamour, but only for a second. "You fight or you die!" Jet growled throwing Tristan to the ground. "If you don't fight now you will die. By me." Tristan looked to Alice, who stood behind Jet. Not moving. She was frozen to the spot.

"Thanks mum, you're the greatest." He thought.

The End

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