Brattish little hybrid son of yours.Mature

‘Typical fucking demons’ Jet rants after Tyler is gone. ‘Lazy little shits. Where’s Tristan?’ Jet paced angrily. The kiss had hardly calmed him. Alice shrugged.

‘Japan still, I guess.’ She replied.

‘Ugh!’ he snorted and turned to the hole Tyler had made in the wall. He walked through it and yelled at five of the office demons. ‘

‘You, you, you, you and you. Japan. Now. Wait in Tokyo.’ He ordered and stalked back into his room, over to the map. He jabbed Vancouver.

‘Let’s go, I’m in the mood for another fight. We can take Vancouver in little more than a few hours. Next to no angels there.’ Jet was talking quickly and Alice was more than a little concerned about this snap in his behaviour. He sent a mental note to Tyler: ‘Take the armies over to Australia via the route planned on the map. You can take it from there, I’m sure. If you fuck up, I won’t be the one punishing you, Xanthe will.’

‘We just need to make a quick trip over to Japan and get your brattish little hybrid son back. I don’t give a fuck what he wants. He made his choice.’ Jet snapped, taking off without waiting for Alice to catch up.

The End

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