Carelessly uneasyMature

It seemed a simple enough plan and for her efforts, Alice was rewarded with a long kiss that for once carried a hint of real emotion behind it. He sent Tyler off to recruit an army big enough to take each city in turn. They planned a direct route around Xanthe’s continent and relaxed for a few hours before Tyler returned, reporting that he had amassed an army of two thousand demons under such short notice.

‘Only two thousand? We don’t have all fucking week to take the entire continent!’ Jet raged.

‘Risk of civil war, Jet. Demons enjoy fighting, but not amongst themselves. We’re too lazy to fight each other. We want the comfortable life if we’re not fighting.’

‘Do I look like I give a fuck? Do I? I am not the demon they should be disobeying. Tell them I’ll fucking kill ‘em if they don’t join up. Much higher chance of surviving in the army, than out, y’understand?’ Jet’s voice filled the room with anger that made Tyler tremble he nodded and left again.

‘We need more than two thousand?’ Alice questioned. Jet spun to face her, ready to beat the shit out of something, but he breathed heavily and growled, doing his best to not destroy something.

‘Xanthe does not mess around. We are not the “demon elders” for no reason. I have the misfortune of my opponent being trained by someone just as good as Jaska. Maybe better, I don’t know. He was killed by Lucifer for something. I forget, it was a few millennia ago, now.’ Jet stopped; his voice was grave. He looked away from Alice, out of the window.

‘Oceania will not be easy to take from her.’

The End

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