Alice arrived back from her expedition scout to Australia, when she arrived she unfurled a map upon the table, in it lay four flags. "Here, I was thinking we invade from Canberra, then move to Goulburn. From there we move to Sydney." She tapped the map, "This is where, after scouting out the area, Xanthe has place her generals. We must kill them quickly to avoid Xanthe noticing. Then on to Traralgon. There we shall take base, if you wish to rest I suggest we do it there." She paused. Pointing to the biggest flag on the map. "Here, Melbourne. This is where Xanthe resides."

Alice used a single finger to simulate the slitting of a throat. "Then I suggest we move the army in to the islands of Hawaii, New Zealand and so on until Oceania is ours." She paused. Thinking for a moment. "Most likely the other demons will hear of this then the war will no longer be Angels vs Demons. I'm afraid it may turn into a civil war." Her voice dropped to an almost growl.

The End

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