The After PartyMature

Alice smiled as Jet approached. She turned onto her back, "Whats up?" She queried, but Jet simply placed a single finger to her lips. "Nothing you need to concern yourself with." He smiled, his breathing becoming heavy. Before Alice could speak again Jet had begun to peel off her clothes, silencing her words with kisses.

When the celebrations had begun to simmer Jet turned to Alice, kissing her once more, forcefully, but it was empty of emotion. Then looked at her, "Alice, together we shall take Oceania, then... the world." Alice smiled, pressing herself closer to Jet, her blonde hair lay in a mess around her head. Her wings lay folded on her back, Jet kissed her again and pulled her ontop of her. Alice smiled and wrapped her wings around them.

A few hours later Jet and Alice flew back to the building in New York. Jet stabbed a knife into the map upon the table, straight through Australia. "Here. This is where Xanthe is. The centre of Oceania. If we invade now we should be able to take them. We can move in through Hawaii. Seeing as it belongs to us." Jet smiled, "Xanthe. You better be ready." He smiled.

The End

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