‘Now, how about those celebrations?’ Alice suggested. Jet arched an eyebrow.

‘After yelling at me?’ he looked over at Tyler. ‘Maybe somewhere else. Five star hotel somewhere nearby. I think the best suite in the hotel is waiting for us.’ He winked and as he pulled Alice in for another kiss, he looked past the fallen angel to the seething demon by the wall. There was a hole in the plaster wall behind him. Jet pulled away from the kiss a moment later and told her to wait in the hotel and “get ready” for him. She smiled and left.

‘Where did that hole come from, Tyler?’ Jet sighed as he approached the lesser demon. Tyler said nothing and Jet frowned. ‘You remember Castor?’ Tyler nodded. ‘Castor is dead. Do you want to be dead, too?’ Jet was now just a few inches from Tyler, growing taller to look down on the lesser demon.

‘No, sir.’ Tyler responded.

‘Then why are you so insufferably disobedient and annoying?’ Jet’s voice was low and it made Tyler realise he was about to be punished. ‘I have a friend, Tyler. His name is Jaska. He’s not very nice to people that are disobedient. I don’t have time to deal with him, and... he does.’ Jet grinned and put his hands out, pushing Tyler gently. The demon disappeared and Jet sent a mental note to Jaska. ‘Hey, sorry to send you a really annoying demon, but I don’t have time for him. Feel like punishing him?’

‘Love to.’ Was Jaska’s reply. Jet laughed to himself and glared at the demons through the hole that had turned from their work to watch the display. ‘Get back to work!’ Jet roared.

Turning to the window, Jet took flight and made his way to the hotel. He found Alice waiting for him on the bed, laying on her side ready for him to take her in their celebrations. He grinned and his jeans got tight all over again.

The End

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