Ignorance is BlissMature

Alice had stood the whole time staring at the faces of the demons, at the mahogany table and the black walls. Then, the only time she spoke Jet ignored her. "What, was, that?" She fumed, her white wings beating furiously. "I told you to be quiet, you disobeyed me." He shrugged. Alice stood, looking at him with an evil stare. "Oh please, that only works with humans." He laughed. Alice rolled her eyes.

Alice placed one hand on her hip, "but if the other demons heard you..." She stopped, Jet stood holding a hand in front of her face. "They wouldn't do anything. Alice, I am the ruling demon here. Never forget that." He growled, lowering his hand. Alice lowered her head, beat. Jet lifted her head with a single finger, kissing her. Alice tasted sulfur on his lips, the taste of a demon. When Jet pulled away she let her arm drop. "Now, how about those celebrations?" He smiled.

The End

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