Angelic DovesMature

Alice collapsed onto the floor and sighed. She curled one of her golden locks round her finger and kicked a body out the way, pressing her back against the wall. She knew, somewhere Jet would be playing 'nicely.' She thought about Tristan for a moment, but her mind soon wondered.

Tristan however stood with his back against the wall at the opposite side of the corridor to Jet. His face fixed with horror, his hands were bloodstained. His mind wandered to a moment in the room, He had slain the angel's but, as usual Jet wasn't happy. Tristan wiped the sweat, and blood, from his brow. Jet told him "You haven't killed them all yet." At which Tristan looked around, confused. "Over there." Jet growled. Tristan looked, it was a dove in a silver bird cage.

The dove was purest white, Tristan wouldn't have known it wasn't a dove if one of the dove's eyes wasn't bright blue. Dove's eyes are meant to be black. Jet walked over to the cage, grabbing the screeching bird by the neck, squeezing till it was forced to change back. It was an angel kid. A boy of eight, maybe nine years old. Jet threw the boy to his knees in front of Tristan.

"No! Not my boy." An angel sobbed, from the pile of bodies beside him. "Kill him." Jet commanded. Tristan raised his bow, placing an arrow at the boys forehead, the boy sobbed uncontrollably muttering blessings under his breath. "Kill him!" Jet growled, kicking the screaming woman, silencing her once and for all. "NOW!" He demanded, Tristan closed his eyes and let go of the string, sending a bolt straight through the kids head. Showering himself with blood.

Tristan wiped the blood from his face, he hated that moment and Jet. "Pathetic hell hound." He growled, hearing Jet tut from the other side of the corridor. Tristan however learned a lot that day, he learned how to kill effectively, heal, stop time and how much of a jerk Jet was.

"We are done here." Jet murmured, stepping onto the bodies that were in his way. Tristan shook his head. "No. NO!" He shouted, Jet turned. Shocked.
"I said, no."
"You can't say no!" Jet growled, slapping Tristan. "Disobedient...Eugh!" Jet stopped. "Fine. Stay here." He dismissed, smashing through the roof of the building, flying with black wings. Alice arose, looking at her son worriedly she flew off, straight after Jet. 

Tristan fell to his knees and sobbed. His tears diluted the blood of the angels. "Why?" He stammered, barely able to breathe.  

The End

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