I heard thatMature

‘Jet! Show yourself, Alice's death shan't be in vain. Show yourself!’ the cry went out and the angels shouted angrily. He watched amused as Alice saw the angels heatedly talking about her “death” he laughed to himself and Tristan gave him a grim questioning look. Jet ignored it and brandished his favourite sword form, silver running the length of the blade. It shimmered and set. He turned to Tristan and commanded him to create his weapon.

Tristan gulped as Jet’s eyes flashed with cold fire. He created the silver tipped arrows and the long bow. Jet stepped behind him and poked the tip of his sword into Tristan’s back. Tristan reluctantly shuffled over to the door. He put his hand on the handle. Slap! Tristan gasped and nursed the back of his left hand. Jet glared at him and hissed at him to wait. He nodded and looked at the floor as the angel’s presences grew closer. They were three floors apart. It wasn’t the biggest building, and there wasn’t much room for them to fight.

‘Listen to the demon in you. You will enjoy this. Trust me.’ Jet told the quivering teen before opening the door and pushing him into the corridor. ‘I’m going to go find that angel now. I expect most of these to be dead at your hands, Tristan, or you will not enjoy spending the rest of your time with me.’ He said this as if Tristan was loving the time with this demonic retard already. ‘I heard that.’ Jet growled, catching the insult from Tristan’s mind.

Jet watched Alice jump up and slay the angels in the room with her and grinned. He sunk through the floor, dropping his glamour as he did so, and went in search of the elusive angel lieutenant.

The End

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