Alice nodded, walking away from Jet. She flew down to the 3rd floor and entered through the window. Then began to run as fast as she could down the corridors and up the stairs whilst shouting "Help! Help me! Jet.. hes" She paused for breath. "He's killed my troop!" When she got to the top floor she ran through some double doors leading to a big room. Then fell to her knees.

"Please help me." She sobbed. "Jet, he killed my troop. Hes here!" She cried, when a big burly man approached her. "You. What is your name?" She looked up, pushing the hair from her face. "Alice, sir."
"Alice, what is that around your neck?"
"A silver collar sir."
"Where did you get it?" He growled, suspicion rising in his voice.
"Jet, he place it round my neck so as to kill me if I didn't do what he wanted!" She began to breath heavily as if being strangled.
"And what did he want?" The man knelt down to Alice's height.
"He wanted me" She paused, collapsing from lack of air. "To kill you." She paused, feigning her death. She grasped her collar.
"Jet! Show yourself, Alice's death shan't be in vain. Show yourself!" He growled. Brandishing a sword from his side.

The End

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