Waiting for you.Mature

Jet watched with cold eyes as Alice taught Tristan how to stop time.

‘You will not give up this time. You will not let your human emotions cloud your ability to win a fight. I’m sure you would quite happily fight me, and not care about how I am a part of you.’ Tristan frowned at this, seeing where Jet was going with this. ‘I’m right, am I not? So why can you not fight the angels? If you can fight me, you can fight the angels.’ Before Tristan could form the words to counter the demon’s words, he was pushed off the edge of the building. He spread his wings and the air caught him, slowing him as the feathers tugged upwards. Shooting back up, he swore loudly at Jet, but he kept flying, north towards to the building Jet had pointed out.

Jet followed the Hybrid, Alice by his side. They landed as one on the roof of the destination building. Jet disconnected his thoughts from Tyler and turned to Alice.

‘You go in the front, begging for help or something. Say we just killed off your troop and you’re the last surviving. Get in there somehow. Wait for me to tell you what to do through the necklace.’ Jet paused. ‘If they ask about it, tell them I left you alive so I can show you the suffering of every angel I kill just because you pissed me off. Shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll be watching.’ He waved her away. She left, a little reluctant. Jet didn’t care what the reason was; he was busy surveying how many angels there were in the building.

Disappointingly, there was only a group of twenty in the building. He watched Alice’s little performance as she ran to the doors and pounded on them, wailing pitifully. She was quickly let in and a burly looking angel with dark hair and a stern frown questioned her about the silver choker.

‘There you are...’ Jet muttered with a grin. He had been looking for this angel for a while. He had evaded several attacks, and was probably the driving force behind several factions of the angels. He walked over to the edge of the building and lowered himself over the edge, calling for Tristan to follow him while the angels were all distracted. Tristan reluctantly obeyed, knowing that Jet’s training would be to send him in and kill as many angels as he could. He swallowed uneasily.

‘If you have the guts to finish this fight, Tristan, I will go on to teach you exactly how to fight. You can kill as many of them as you can, but leave this one for me.’ He projected an image of the angel he wanted and Tristan nodded silently.  Jet opened a window with one hand, hanging from the tall building with his other. Swinging himself in silently, he waited for the Hybrid to follow. They waited in the empty room in smothering quiet, waiting until Jet saw his cue to storm the angel’s hideout.

The End

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