Stopping TimeMature

She noticed the bulge in Jet's pants and simply smiled. He kissed her cheek slightly as he wrapped his hand around her waist and they took off, following Tristan.

Alice smiled, her blond locks flying carelessly in the wind as she beat her now white wings. She leant her head on Jet's shoulder as they flew. When they landed on the roof she looked at Tristan, then back to Jet. "Can I just show Tristan one thing?" She placed a hand on Tristans shoulder, smiling her now perfect, calming smile. "Tristan. Focus upon the clouds. See how they move? Think of them stopping." Tristan did so, imagining the clouds slowing then eventually stopping.

"Wow." He smiled, noticing as all the birds, the people below and the clouds had stopped. "Now, to break it just imagine them speeding up again." She smiled as the world turned to back to original speed. "Now, I believe Jet has something to teach you."
She turned back to Jet. "Your turn Sir." She bowed her head slightly.


Tyler could see in his minds eye Jet's moves on Alice. He became a ball of rage, he punched the wall as Jet kissed Alice, then smiled. He could also hear Jet's thoughts which made him wish the wall was Jet all the more. He punched through the wall, exposing the offices next door, a few of the demons looked at him. "What are you looking at?" He shouted, instantly they turned and began working again.

The End

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