You will not back down from this.Mature

Within his trance like state, Jet felt Alice longing for her angelic form again through the silver around her neck and as he played with the terrified angel’s soul, he smiled at an idea forming in the back of his mind. When he felt Alice’s presence returning with Tristan’s not far behind, he finished with the angel, freezing the soul in a state of permanent terror to provide him with energy.

‘Alice.’ Jet said, coming out of his stupor. She smiled and he returned the welcoming gesture. He began relaying the images and sensations he experienced to Tyler.

‘Alice.’ He repeated softly. ‘I felt you longing for your previous body. You can have it back, you know. I can give you that.’ He pulled her in, one hand around her waist, the other brushing her hair out of her eyes.

‘But Lucifer-’ Alice began.

‘Fuck Lucifer. This is hardly his battle. I’m the one working hardest. He sits back and lazes around being a fat old fuckwit with nothing to say.’ Jet cut her off firmly, but his voice remained soft. ‘We will take this world together, Alice. We will take it from his clumsy fingers and claim it as our own. I will give you a body that we will enjoy a little more.’ He winked and felt a wave of rage from Tyler. He brushed his lips on hers and when he pulled away, he felt her strain upward to make the contact last just a second longer. He smiled and took his arm from around her frame.

‘What do you say, Alice?’ He asked.

‘I...’ she narrows her eyes. ‘What are you planning, sir?’ she queried.

‘Well if you look and behave much more like an angel, it would be a whole lot simpler infiltrating their ranks. You can destroy them from the inside out. Make them trust you and then bring their hopes crashing down around them. And after that we can... celebrate, without getting tangled in your bloodied hair.’ His smile was more than a little suggestive and he pulled her back for another kiss, pushing against her. It was clear what he wanted as a celebration, the bulge in his jeans said it all. She laughed. In the back of his mind, Tyler was seething and Jet chuckled to himself.

‘Sounds good to me, sir.’ She flashed him a slight mischievous grin and pulled away, turning to Tristan. ‘But what of his training?’ she tilted her head a little as she looked over at her son.

‘Oh we can start that in a minute. Come here.’ Jet replied. He stopped her at arm’s length and placed a hand on her forehead, closing his eyes. He channelled some of his energy and wrapped a glamour around her, sealing it with the silver choker. Opening his eyes again, he took in the angelic form before him, her light locks and innocently wide blue eyes bringing a sadistic smile to his face.

‘Let’s go train Tristan.’ He took Alice’s hand and instructed Tristan to fly ahead of them to a building north of them. The Hybrid would not back down from this fight. Jet would make sure of that.

The End

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