Alice; Messenger.Mature

Alice rolled her eyes as Jet began to play with an angel's soul "You big kid." She laughed as she beat her broken wings. Every time they flapped her bones cracked and a jolt of pain went searing through her body. Sickeningly, she enjoyed it. She dove through the skies, every now and then she descended upon a junk ship of angels and burnt it with a fireball to the mast. She cackled evilly as she soared towards New York.

"Tristan. Come with me, your training is to begin." She shouted before even landing, through the still broken window. Tyler stood in one corner looking at Alice with burning passion still in his eyes. "Try anything and you will never have any more kids." She growled. Pointing a bloody finger toward him. She turned back to Tristan and held out a hand, "Come on, we will fly to Japan. Jet is waiting for you there." She smiled, although with her bloody hair, torn clothes and broken wings it held not the serenity of her previous smiles. The ones Tristan was so used to.

"Okay.." Tristan stammered. Taking his mother's hand, it was cold, making Tristan recoil for a moment. He stretched his black wings and held onto her hand again, then together they took off from the building.

"Mother, why?" Tristan whispered after a while of building up courage. Alice looked toward him, knowing exactly what he meant, she sighed. "Because, the angels they are going to lose." She stopped for a moment, floating in the sky. "I couldn't bear to lose you... son." She placed a cold, bloody hand onto his cheek. " I love you. No matter what I am I always will." She then began to fly again, slightly ahead of Tristan. Signaling she did not want to continue this conversation.

She remembered her angelic form. She remembered being able to calm down any human, bless them and take away their sins. She remembered her perfect smile and how she used to be the most renowned angel messenger, the quickest in the world. But of course now... She looked at one of her broken wings and sighed. Tristan asked her what was wrong but she simply replied. "Nothing."  

She though then, why? Why did she do it? The words she had just spoke made sense but she did miss being an angel. She missed her perfect white wings, her clean blond hair and innocent blue eyes. She shook her head. Touching her silver choker. No going back now. She thought as she began to see the tall Japanese building appear upon the horizon.

The End

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