Fun with the angel's soulMature

Jet was assaulted by some melee angels; swords flashed and struck one another, the sound of metal striking metal making him smile. Blood spilled from wounds and the angels collapsed, one by one, into a twitching pile of bodies. Jet let his own sword dissolve and he turned to Alice as she spoke.

‘Jet, what next? Because if you don't mind I would like to train Tristan.’ She said. He considered the offer a moment.

‘I will oversee the training, Alice. I need to be there to control his powers as they arise. They are not powers that either of us possesses, as a result of the mixed blood in his veins.’ Jet replied, his tone interested. Alice nodded. ‘Are there any other troops around nearby?’ Jet asked after a moment.

‘Some north of this place. And a couple to the east.’ Alice replied instantly.

‘Good. Return to New York and fetch Tristan. We can begin his training together quickly this way. I shall wait here.’ Jet said, kicking an angel that was still twitching. The sight fascinated him, as the angel gasped for breath.

‘Please...’ the angel wheezed.

‘Hmm.’ Jet muttered. Alice took off, realising jet’s attention had shifted away from her. Jet bent over the angel and put a finger to his forehead. The angel whimpered as his soul was extracted from his body. Jet would have fun waiting for Alice to return.

The End

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