She flew behind the angel, Placing her hands together she created a fireball, she pushed it into her back. It pierced her shield and singed her wings. "You shouldn't show your weaknesses. But you can't help it can you? You are one big weakness!" She laughed and took her dagger from under her dress. With one swift swipe she cut off one of the woman's wings.

"Don't! Alice, you never used to be like this! You used to be someone I looked up to! Look at yourself." She pleaded but Alice simply cut off her other wing and laughed as the woman plummeted to the ground, she was human. She wouldn't survive that fall. She slowly flew back to Jet, she dropped the dagger with the angel. She turned to Jet, who had just finished with some other warrior angels. "Jet, what next. Because if you don't mind I would like to train Tristan." She waited for Jet's concent. Something stirred for him deep within her but she banished it. He was a demon, he wouldn't care.

The End

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