I was going to give you a fair fight.Mature

Tristan took in his mothers words and muttered an uncertain “thanks”, letting her kiss him on the forehead.

‘A powerful angel, eh?’ Jet smirked and looked at Tristan and Alice. Alice returned the mirthless smile and together the three of them took off. ‘I’ll give you powerful.’ He muttered. Alice pointed Jet towards the building where she had been told the angel was making a last stand. The angel was stood on the top of the building, a force field forming a bubble around her, extending below her feet. Jet landed before her and formed a katana as he looked at her. The katana was strangely fitting, he thought. He indicated for Tristan and Alice to stay out of the way and the angel smiled.

‘You always were the stubborn, lonely one, Jet.’ She said. Her voice was warped in the peal of thunder that ricocheted off the buildings around them. Jet’s glamour fell away, revealing his true form, bubbling with anger. He laughed.

‘They can fight if they really want. I just thought I would give you a fairer fight, that’s all.’ Jet told her, silently looking for a weakness in her shield. Another angel walked into sight, a sword in his hand. The sword was writhing in black demon essence. Jet’s form rippled irritably. The back of her shield is weak, Alice, she's conserving energy. Keep that in mind. Jet sent through the silver. He hunched and the katana blade grew a little thicker.

The End

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