The Gift of TimeMature

Alice stood, looking at the blank wall, waiting for Jet to arrive. She had begun to mindlessly cut through the angels flesh, playing noughts and crosses with herself. Then she heard sounds, sounds of wings, she looked up, getting ready to throw her knife.

"Jet." She muttered making the knife disappear. She turned to Jet. "Tokyo is almost ours. I have heard that all is left is a single building. It contains a powerful angel, of sorts. Many demons have been slain." She looked over to Tristan. Pulling him away for a moment.

"Tristan, you already know your demon powers, now. Incase you get into trouble, Angel's, they have good shapeshifting powers and they can also heal any wound, any disease. Even Cancer. Also, your wings can stop bullets. They are very strong. Son," She paused, her motherly instincts kicked in even through her demonic facade. "Son, I know I have changed but I am still your mother, come to me if you need anything. These are my gifts to you son." She kissed his forehead. Then whispered into his ear. "And in the smallest of spaces, you can even turn back time. That is my bloodline gift to you. Only few have it." She smiled.

The End

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