Tokyo fallingMature

A demon was admitted to the room on the thirtieth floor. Jet was standing over the stuttering angel, his expression angered, blood dripping from a small knife in one hand, the other hand forcing the angel’s head up. The angel’s skin was more blood now, than anything else. He sobbed quietly, defying Jet on each question until his flesh was torn apart again. The demon walked a few paces into the room.

‘I’ve been sent to tell you that Tokyo is nearly ours.’

‘I know.’ Jet replied.

‘Alice thought you would enjoy the show. “He should be here for the taking of Tokyo” she said, sir.’ The demon glanced from Jet to the whimpering angel nervously.  There was the crunch of footsteps on broken glass as Tristan returned.

‘I’m busy.’ Jet hissed. ‘I can’t be fucked to take a hostage all the way to Japan.’ The demon took a step closer and offered to take over the questioning. Torn, Jet looked at the demon. He hadn’t spoken to this demon much. Silver jumped to his finger tips. He wrapped the silver around the demon’s wrist tightly and turned to the Hybrid. Tristan opened his mouth to speak, but Jet cut him off.

‘To Tokyo.’ Jet snapped, throwing himself into the turbulent air, transforming mid leap.

The End

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