Death's Sweet MelodyMature

Alice stood up, the sunlight shining on her face. "Alice. Yokohama is ours." The voice was cold and steely, definatly a demon. He stood and saluted her.  "Good. Where's Jet? He should be here for the taking of Tokyo." She looked at the demon. "Well? Go get him!" She ordered, the demon stumbled then disappeared. She sighed.

She stretched her wings, they were numb but fine. " Tristan, ask Jet, ask him to allow you to come to Japan. I have a present for you."  She projected her thoughts to her son. Soon he would know the powers he had. She looked around, the town was silent. She couldn't even hear the faint beating of wings. She looked at an angel dead on the floor, she projected  thoughts into Alice's head.

She heard screams, and people falling to the floor. Spitting fires and gun shots. She walked over to the angel and placed a conjoured sword at her throat. "That was quite a melody. A very nice lullaby." She smiled before pulling it away, slitting the angel's throat. "Burn in Hell." She whispered into the angel's ear as it slipped away.

The End

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