Collar DovesMature

As Tristan watched people’s different emotions, he realised they were all a double edged sword for him. Suffering fed him, and pained him at the same time, people’s joy – not that there was much left in this dying city – hurt him and made him feel good at the same too. He had never noticed it before. One effect almost cancelled out the other. As he flew, he probed his own mind. He noticed a distinct difference between each part of him, though they overlapped and merged in ways he couldn’t even begin to understand. He shook his head and tried to ignore it, but now he had noticed it, he couldn’t stop noticing it.

‘Fuck’s sake.’ He muttered to himself, irritated. He looked around him, keeping an eye out for any angels, like Jet told him to. He had never liked being obedient. The only person he had ever listened to when he was younger had been his mother. Guess I know where the rebellious streak comes from now. He thought, passing a collared dove perched on the edge of a roof. He glared at the collared dove, jealous of its simple life. He sighed and carried on with the patrol. He was certain that Jet just wanted him out of the way. They had killed all the angels, hadn’t they?

Jet followed the teenager, keeping about a hundred metres apart. He hid his presence so Tristan wouldn’t notice he was being followed. He had decided from watching Tristan’s thoughts through the silver that this was a teenager that needed to be monitored. ‘Fucking demons, fucking Tyler. Fucking Jet! Screw being obedient, this blows.’  had been the most prominent and somewhat repetitive thoughts Jet had heard. He cut through the night sky in the form of an eagle, stained black with cold, black eyes. He saw the collared dove take interest in Tristan and hovered above the bird. It was too pale to be a real collared dove, Jet noticed as it hopped along the roof, watching Tristan’s flight.

He descended on the bird with a speed that a normal collared dove wouldn’t have avoided. The bird took flight with a startled squawking noise. Inwardly, Jet grinned as the bird chased after Tristan, fleeing Jet. The chase continued like this for a few minutes: Jet laughing and enjoying the chase, the collared dove fleeing Jet and trying to catch Tristan, and Tristan patrolling, completely oblivious. At least it continued like that until Jet got bored and grabbed the collared dove in his talons and caught up with Tristan.

‘I thought I told you to look out for angels, kid?’ Jet asked as he flew alongside the raven formed teenager. His sudden appearance made Tristan falter and he looked to the struggling bird trapped in Jet’s talons. ‘Keep your eyes open next time.’ Jet said angrily before taking off back towards the building, leaving Tristan a little shaken.

The demon threw the collared dove to the floor and transformed back into his human glamour. It hopped up, hurt, and tried to take flight.

‘Stupid half blood.’ Jet muttered, catching the bird with ease. He forced the angel to transform back into its human form and shoved it down on a chair. The figure was a skinny man, his hair lank and his head bowed with defeat.

‘P-please don’t...’ He stammered as Jet bound him with thin silver chains. Jet snapped his fingers and the silver grew thin needle like thorns along its length, poking the angel’s flesh threateningly.

The End

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