Ribbons and PainMature

Alice felt better, the energy given to her by Jet allowed her to get dressed, well... Bandages appeared, wrapping her whole body like a mummy. They draped over parts of her wings and tied her hair up like ribbons. She stood, her feet bare as she walked over the cold stones. The bandages stopped at her ankles, neck and wrists.

She looked around, twitched her wing; it still hurt. "Goddamn son of a fucking.. Argh!" She screamed before adjusting herself. She flapped her good wing, if she could adjust herself right she could fly, but maybe she should heed Jet's advice.. No. She needed to be there with her son. Then she smiled, she couldn't get pain killers like this but she didn't want to get changed. The night was young but she decided to sleep, she would be no use to any of them like this. She sat down on the floor and curled up, slowly drifting to sleep while the images of Tyler haunted her dreams.


Tristan thought of his mum, of what she used to be like before she changed. Then what she was like afterwards he shuddered, a shiver running down his spine. The night was young and he was about to patrol the city. He turned into a raven, then flew from the building. He wondered what he would do if he found an angel, kill them, take them prisoner? He sighed, circling the city. He found nothing. But something inside him told him something was wrong, "Mum?" He cawed. He could feel the pain, from her and Tyler. Also from people in the city. He flew down, perching himself on a window ledge.

He looked in, a woman was sat on the bed. A man was shouting, she had tears streaming down her face. He felt sorry for her, but seeing her, it brought a rush of energy through him. Her pain, he was feeding from her pain he sort of... enjoyed it.  

The End

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