Japan shall fall.Mature

‘Sir, I will be of no use to you now.’ Alice told him quietly. Tyler moaned on the floor, stirring. Jet looked from one figure to the other and sighed. He bent over and picked up the cooling wing, crouching beside Alice. She shivered, the cold rush of air as he moved enveloping her.

‘I suggest you defend yourself better next time. Unfortunately I still need you.’ Jet muttered, pulling her forwards to reveal the stub protruding from her back. He held the wing to it and wrapped his thumb and finger around the oozing gap where the bone sat in the flesh. He shot energy into the wound without finesse or much care, forcing the flesh to knit together. He let go of the wing and told her to try moving it. She managed to twitch it, though the movement made her gasp and her face distorted, betraying the pain she felt. ‘Get some painkillers and rest for a day.’ Jet instructed, bending down to retrieve the map. ‘I’ll see you back in New York.’

Tyler groaned inwardly, shifting on the floor. There was a weird fluttering in the air around his head that lasted a minute before disappearing. He frowned, screwing his eyes up. Blood had trickled into the rims of his eye lids, gluing them shut. Forcing them open, he looked up at the sky. Or he would have looked up at the sky if Jet’s angry face wasn’t an inch from his own. There was a pause and the silence was broken only by Alice’s shuddering breaths. Tyler blinked and there was a bolt of pain in his forehead as Jet’s forehead smashed into his own. He grimaced, a gasp escaping his lips. Reluctantly, Tyler opened his eyes again. Jet had stood up, his gaze fixed on the map in his hands. The demon’s eyes flicked to Tyler.

Jet looked at the map and used Tristan to set the next battle in motion. He looked down again. Seeing Tyler’s pain painted on his face made Jet smile. He collected the suffering until he had enough energy to transport himself and Tyler back to New York. Folding the map away, Jet stared down at Tyler with an unimpressed expression on his face. He bent down and grabbed the disobedient demon’s shirt, hauling him to his feet. Jet glanced at Alice.

‘Get dressed.’ He said acidly before dissipating, taking Tyler with him.

Tristan looked over at the guards, hoping his face didn’t give away the nerves he felt. Jet was right, they didn’t try anything, but the warning had put him on edge. His body stiffened and the silver on his wrist writhed.

‘Prepare a troop of two hundred to fly to Japan. Set up camp in Yokohama and ready them to infiltrate and take over Tokyo. While Tokyo is being taken, place groups of ten next to every angel camp. I will return with exact directions soon.’ Jet’s voice floated out of Tristan’s mouth, echoing strangely off walls and desks in the large room. The guards looked at one another and then one of them exited the room. Tristan shuddered and blinked a few times. That was, decidedly, not an experience he wished to repeat. He turned and gazed out of the window, wondering when Jet would be back. Tyler fell past the window before his son and Tristan’s eyebrow jerked up. Jet’s back already then.

Tyler rose back up to the thirtieth storey, his expression livid. He walked into the room and cast a petulant glare at the remaining guard and his son before sitting on a desk at the edge of the room. Jet appeared in the middle of the room, his glamour taking shape as he walked towards the Hybrid. The silver around Tristan’s wrist melted, scorching his skin as it slipped over his hand, dripping to the floor, crawling back to Jet.

‘Ready?’ Jet asked the guard. The man’s eyes widened, glancing from Tyler’s broken and bloodied form to Jet’s calm exterior.

‘Nathan went to carry out your orders, sir. Do you want me to find him?’ The guard stammered his way through the question and Jet rolled his eyes.

‘What do you think?’ Jet spat and the guard hurried away to find Nathan.  ‘Tristan, go patrol. Make sure there aren’t any angels nearby. A five mile radius of the city should be fine.’ Jet turned to Tyler and grunted. ‘You can stay there.’ He said before looking down at the map.

The End

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