No Use to You Now.Mature

Alice pushed her way along the floor, using the wall to sit up. Her body was weak and she lost alot of blood, her wing was on the floor just next to Jet. "S...Sir." She shivered in the cold, she had lost her energy and couldn't even create clothes, Jet must have thought she was pathetic. But she carried on. "Sir, the map. By your feet, that is the best plan. I think." Her head bobbed as she fought to remain concious. She used her only remaining wing to cover some of her body.

Alice moved an arm round, touching at the stub of blood, bone and flesh. A few small down feathers remained. She couldn't move it, she didn't know if it would ever grow back either. But as she looked to the floor her other wing twitched slightly. A pain jolted through her as she tried to move her wings. "Sir, I will be of no use to you now." Her body was covered in blood, from the spikes that were in her wrists, to the blood trickling down her back from her broken wing. She felt her body tremble, her stomach tightened as she pulled her knees to her chest, her single wing folding over her left side. 

The End

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