Softened Shadows.Mature

Alice looked at Tyler and opened her wings, she was sure she could escape if she could take to the skies. She created a fire, then blew it out, creating a smoke screen in front of her. She flapped her wings, attempting to fly away but something grasped her leg.  

She heard a laugh as something pulled her down to the ground, she hit the floor with a crack, she landed on her back, but nothing felt broken. Until she tried to get up and was forced to lay back down, one of her wings hung off her back bone. She let out a small whimper. "Now, now no flying away birdy." He reached round to Alice's back and pulled at her wing. She tautened her stomach, pain running through her body. Tyler held the wing up infront of her, holding out his tounge as her blood dripped from the torn wing.

Alice refused to close her eyes, but she had been beat. She placed her head down in the pool of blood behind her and sighed as she heard a zip being pulled. She winced as she felt him getting closer, his breath on her face. She placed a hand on the silver collar. "Jet" She whispered, knowing he wouldn't do anything. Tyler lowered himself onto her and whispered into her ear. "You're mine now." But his tone was soft, however his touch wasn't. He pulled her face towards him, grinning evily as he kissed her, taking her breath from her.

Alice looked into his eyes, they were not cold like she expected them to be, but they reflected the Tyler she knew. His movements became slower but not softer, the only comfort Alice had was the shadow behind his eyes.

The End

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