Finds what, Alice?Mature

Tyler laughed at Alice. Her naked skin bunched up into goose-bumps and she whimpered as he bent over her, ripping the fabric away from her figure.

‘Wait til Jet find...finds...’ her voice trailed off and she bit back a scream.

‘Finds what, Alice?’ Tyler’s voice was low, and menacingly so. She didn’t answer, pursing her lips a moment, before spitting at him. ‘That’s not very friendly, is it?’ he whispered, wiping the spit off his cheek. The chain tightened itself around her wrists, digging in painfully. She winced, but refused to make a sound. ‘I think you need to be taught a lesson, my dear.’ He tossed the black dress aside with an animalistic grin.

Alice tried to stop her eyes widening but she felt horribly vulnerable. She had never seen this side of Tyler before, and did not like the way his jeans were bulging. She bent her fingers around, twisting her wrists painfully against the chain so that she had one finger hooked around it. She shot a bolt of heat through the metal and she sighed inwardly with relief as the chain snapped and unravelled, freeing her hands. Tyler felt the chain break, but did nothing, waiting for her retaliation. He threw up a shield that clung to him like a second skin and a bubble of laughter escaped his lips.

The End

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