Orders and RevengeMature

Alice nodded, bowed her head and kissed Jet again, this time more forcefully but it only lasted a short moment. Soon she was gliding towards Japan again.

Every now and then Alice turned, looking behind her into the deep azure sky. She could hear something behind her, heavy breathing and mutterings. She didn't know what it was, she touched the silver collar around her neck. Perhaps it works both ways, perhaps I can hear Jet... She paused, hovering above Japan she thought where she should start, and just for a moment the sounds stopped.

She spent the day travelling all over Japan doing exactly what Jet said. She sighed, wiping the sweat from her brow. She stood in the small village, people were retiring for the day as the sun disappeared behind the horizon and the moon began to rise. She could hear the noises again, louder this time. She attempted again to get the necklace off, the sounds were driving her mental. After a few minutes of trying she gave up and walked down an alley, although it was dark she didn't want any of the villagers to see her wings.

She spread her wings, it was less dramatic when their size was halved, when she heard a familiar voice. "Wait, right there." The voice was dark and hardly audible over the figures heavy breathing and snarling. "What, who is that?" She turned to see Tyler stood, his eyes full of rage. "Tyler." She sighed. "What do you want?" Her voice tired.
"I loved you Alice, I think I still do." His tone was sincere but soon changed. "Then you turned, I thought you did it because you wanted to be with me, with our son. But then... NO! You turned your back on both of us, then... now you're flirting with JET!?" He growled as he advanced on Alice, she stepped back placing a hand on the wall. She hit a dead end. "I'll fight you." She growled, lighting her hand on fire. "You'll do no such thing."

Tyler grabbed her hand and pushed it against the wall, and then did the same with the other just to make sure. "So now tell me, what is it you were going to do? Hmm? Remember your my Bitch. Mine!" He flung her to the floor, the map with the flags upon it fell to the floor, the flags spilling from the paper.Tyler stared at her vulnerable form, "your beauty hasn't changed." He growled his eyes becoming full of hunger, anger and revenge. He tore off her black dress, restraining her hands with a rusty, spikey chain he conjoured from the air. He stared at her, her bloody hair was splayed across the dirty floor. She screamed and Tyler fed off her pain. Soon she was silent. She looked into Tyler's deep eyes, all the way through the ordeal. Tyler's touch was rough and unrelenting, Alice growled.

When she was free she would show him what new powers she had attained. But it also brought back memories of them when she was an... angel. She closed her eyes, suddenly she thought of Tyler as a filthy mongrel, "Monster!" She sighed, finding it hard to say anything. Tyler just laughed and spat next to her, onto the floor. "Thanks." He smiled, kissing her. Alice pulled away but found she couldn't he was too strong. "Wait till Jet find..finds..." She stopped. She could feel another scream building in her throat. But she pushed it back. She wouldn't give him the satisfaction.   

The End

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