Troublesome hybrid.Mature


Jet pulled his human glamour back around him and turned in Alice’s arms. He looked into her eyes and saw what she was trying to achieve through this. He bent slightly, letting his dark hair brush her face as he kissed her gently. The contact carried no emotion, but he enjoyed pissing Tyler off. Jet disliked being cooped up with the same people for too long and enjoyed irritating them after a while. He felt Tyler’s anger and hurt and smiled.

‘Alice, I want you to take a map of Japan and place white flags where the angels are currently. Put the white flags with the dots on them where you think they will defend the most. Put our flags where we should start our attack and draw in a path with a black marker where you believe the most effective route lies. You should know I prefer to see a plan, rather than hear it.’ Jet said, disengaging himself from her arms. She plastered a wistful look on her face as he walked away from her. She knew Tyler would see it. ‘Tyler, go get a map of Japan and a bunch of flags.’ Jet willed the door open, indicating his lack of patience.

‘Sir?’ Alice said.


‘Where’s Tristan?’ she asked looking around the room.

‘Oh. The stupid little prick had a break down. He’s probably still crying his little eyes out on the roof of the angel’s building. Does it matter?’ Jet replied carelessly. Alice was stung. She may have changed, but she still felt some concern for her son.

‘Well I suppose not if you don’t think it does. I was just under the impression that the Hybrid would be one of our greatest weapons.’ Alice sauntered over to where Jet stood by the large world map.

‘And so he is. But he can only be our weapon if he chooses to be. He is a very special boy. He’s just an arrogant little shit too.’ Jet poked one of the angel flags in London. ‘Where did this one come from?’ he asked the guard. ‘Sort it out. Send... five warriors. They can’t be any more than survivors like the ones we had here.’ Jet turned back to Alice.

‘Sir, I’m not sure I understand... He has to choose to be ours?’ Alice asked, watching as Jet flicked the angel flag away from London. He was so confident in his forces that he would move flags before the troops had even fought.

‘Yes. He has powers that neither side possesses.’ Jet began to explain. ‘The result of your blood and Tyler’s blood mixing. I don’t understand them yet, or know what they are, really, since we’ve only had him here a few hours, but what I do understand is that he has to choose to fight for us to unlock them. He cannot be forced or coerced into being ours.’

‘So... wouldn’t it be better to treat him like a prince until he decides? If he thinks we’re worth fighting for then he will choose us.’ Alice arched an eyebrow.

‘You can, but I refuse to pretend to be a good guy. He’s a good weapon, and it would be fun to test his abilities against the angels, rather than experiencing his powers being aimed at us, but I’m certain that either way he chooses and is used, we will win. In fact, I’m almost hoping he chooses angels, just to make it more interesting.’ Jet grinned down at the map and slammed his fist down on China. ‘They’re next after Japan.’

The End

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