Alice had never been to Japan, she could see what Jet was on about though. She knew, from her old scouting days that if Tokyo was theirs the rest of Japan would fall.

She looked upon the islands of Japan. She mapped out the plan in her head. She knew it would be a while when she got back to New York, so she did some free dives and twirls in the air to amuse herself. When she got to New York she smiled, flying through the open window, you would have thought they would have got that fixed by now. She sighed as she landed perfectly on the floor.

She looked at Tyler, who awoke suddenly "Jet! Sorry..Sorry." Alice laughed. "Oh it's you."
"You're not happy to see me?" She pouted, breaking through Tyler's defences.
"Of course I am!" He shouted, love returning in his voice.
"You don't sound it." She moved closer to him, gracefully sweeping the length of the room.
"Let me show you just how much I missed you." Tyler smirked, almost not in control of his actions he grabbed Alice, kissing her with all his force and passion. Alice pulled away. "Jet wouldn't like that would he?" She laughed. Obviously controlling him, she pushed him away. She walked away out of the room, whilst shaking her hips seductively as she walked. Even the guards looked at her.

She entered the same bathroom, washing her face again then changed into a black, thigh-length, strapless dress. With a pair of black heels. She tied her hair up and moved back into the room, sitting upon the wooden table she awaited Jet's return. She smiled, her new skills were attracting some stares from the other demons.

The End

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