Life without wings would be hell.Mature

‘Go on then!’ Jet growled, pushing Tristan towards the window. The teenager spread his wings apprehensively. He took flight, plummeting several heart stopping feet before gaining control of his own course of flight. Jet crouched, watching the Hybrid carefully as he received news from Alice through the necklace of silver. He watched as she tricked the rioters into killing each other. He was disgusted to see that Aidan was so weak. Alice. He sent through the silver. He felt her slow to a stop, hovering above the burning city.

Yes? She replied.

Thank you for sorting that out. I have another task for you. Japan is next on my list. They produce a lot of the technology humans use all over the world. We need that source of technology. I plan to take over the politics in influential countries and manufacturers in industrial countries. We can use their technology against them. TV stations are also crucial. Find weaknesses in Japan and report back to New York later when you’ve found them. I need to plan our invasion. He told her, his wings tensing, itching to take to the sky. He was bored of military planning in that building. He wanted the action. Alice set off for Tokyo, and Jet took to the skies of New York, following the teenager.

Tristan looked around and saw Jet following him in the distance. He had no idea where this camp of angels was. Jet soon caught up and pointed to a building somewhere below. Tristan had no idea which one Jet was actually pointing out, so he waited for Jet to direct him.

With a grin and a whoop of ecstasy, Jet folded his wings and began to free fall, the top of a building drawing closer and closer by the second. He pulled out of the dive with only a couple of metres to spare, landing on his feet on the solid concrete roof. He looked up at the sky he had just fallen from and waited for Tristan to hurry up and land. The teenager was uncertain on his wings, and Jet doubted that the kid would pull any stunts like that until he had learnt how to fly properly. He shook his head. Alice hadn’t even taught him how to fly. He tried briefly to imagine life without wings as he waited. He let an irritated growl escape his lips and eventually, bored, he pulled Tristan out of the air, forcing the boy to land.

‘you know, we don’t have all day, Tristan.’ The demon said, looking over at one of the buildings ahead of them. ‘Do you know how to hide your presence?’ Tristan shook his head and the demon sighed in exasperation. ‘Did your mother not teach you anything?’ the teenager shrugged and jet slapped a hand to his forehead. ‘Okay. I’ll hide your presence for you. But you need to learn these things when we get back!’ Jet looked at Tristan with an expression of intense concentration for just a second. He felt a smothering sensation as Jet hid his presence. A smirk broke through onto Jet’s face and his wings spread themselves again. ‘Let’s go, kid.’

Jet took off, closely followed by Tristan. They landed on a building a few blocks away, Tristan breathing hard.

‘I hope this is over soon!’ Tristan muttered.

‘Don’t worry. I’ll stop hiding your presence once we find them. We just need to sneak up on them. It is two against about forty after all.’ Tristan’s face paled at this news.


‘It won’t be hard.’  Jet grinned. ‘I’ve been cooped up in that office for too long. I’ll probably end up taking most of them out. I’ll leave you... ten?’ Tristan shuddered. ‘But first, we need weapons. Listen carefully, kid.’

The End

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