Alice looked at the open window. Jets shout at her was muffled, she was thinking too much. Then without a word she jumped, opening her wings and flew over the skyscrapers, she had to go higher still, the humans could not know of there existence. Not yet.

As she flew over the Atlantic ocean she thought about her powers. "I have control of fire, and basic shape-shifting abilities." She remembered  the look she gave at Tyler, it was like an instinct. She could feel the seductress deep inside her, "What a useless power." She muttered, to no one in particular. She stretched her wings and dived, trailing a hand in the cool sea water, the taste of salt air hit the back of throat and she pulled up. She encountered no boats on her journey, which was strange. She decided to take the longer route to London, thinking of a plan.

She flew around Ireland, across the English channel and up over Dover, moving straight towards London. She soon saw the riot, fires bellowed smoke into the air. She searched for Aidan, soon finding his troops dead on the floor, Aidan himself cowered behind a ruined house. "Aidan?" She asked laughing at his cowardice. He nodded. "I'm the back-up sent by Jet." She tapped her collar. Aidan snickered.
"You're the back up? A pitiful angel like you?"
Alice snarled. "My names Alice, I'm no angel."
"You think you can help?"
"Fine I shall leave you here, Bastard." She spat at the floor, turning her back she walked away.
"No! Wait, you can't. I'll die here. I'm prime minister you know." His voice wavered with fear.
"I know, you're not my prime minister though. But still an order is an order. What we got?" She looked over the rubble, to see about twenty humans.
"Twenty humans, armed with silver ammoed guns, and they're blessed by those fucking angels!"
Alice nodded, then walked towards the humans, stepping over the wall. "STOP! Stop right there." One of the humans shouted, "Or I will do to you like I did those other Demon bastards." Alice stopped. "I'm no demon, I'm an angel." She straightened her wings. "See?" She walked forward cautiously.

The human lowered his gun. She placed a hand onto his cheek, kissing him. At her touch the other men became envious of their general. She moved onto another soldier. Then stopped, looking around her. "The last man standing gets me!" She smiled seductively, biting her lip. Putting on the best innocent face she could. She flew up to the sky as the men shot at each other.

The smell of blood stung her nose, some blood splattered over her, she licked it from her lips. Watching as the men slaughtered each other. When one man, with short messy blonde hair remained. "Your mine!" He smiled, victoriously. "I am nobodies." She walked towards him kissing him passionatly before breaking his neck with a sickening crack. She picked up his gun and walked towards Aidan.
"What are you?" A human stuttered. She stopped looking down as one of the pathetic meat bags clutched her ankle. "Your worst nightmare." She grinned placing a bullet through his head, blood splattering her clothes and face. "Aidan, get back to parliament. I shall return to Jet." She rose to the sky. "Oh and don't fuck up next time." She growled, "I must tell Jet what these angels are doing to the humans." She muttered to herself as she flew back in the direction of America, looking at the blood stained gun.

"Stupid idiots."   

The End

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