Let the training begin.Mature

‘Do we have a deal?’ Alice asked as she set fire to one of the little white flags. Jet considered a moment. He beckoned her over to him and drew on the energy within him. A silver strand tentatively protruded from his index finger. Three more followed, one from each finger. They reached towards Alice with hungry twitches. Jet pulled her a little closer with his free hand. She looked at the sliver dubiously. When she was within reach, the silver strands wrapped themselves around her neck, forming a choker necklace with no clasp. Jet held the connection a few moments longer, infusing them with magic that only he could control before breaking the ends of the silver off.

She lifted a few fingers to the silver, searching for a break in the metal. Resigned, she looked up at Jet questioningly.

‘Just a tracking device, if you like. I want to keep a tab on your progress. Not that I don’t trust you or anything,’ Jet said in a tone that suggested he thoroughly mistrusted her.

‘If you say so, Jet.’ She replied.

‘Sir, to you, Alice.’ He told her.

‘Yes. Sir.’ She sighed. Jet turned away, she stood confused for a moment.

‘I thought you were going?’ Jet said turning back around, his eyebrow arching. Alice stuttered a reply but Jet wasn’t listening.

‘Go on then! I have to find a way of getting into Japan!’ Jet pushed her towards the window. She took off without a word to her son, who stood nearby a confused expression painted on his face. ‘What are you still doing here? Stop dithering and choose a side.’ Jet stalked back to the map, shouting commands at the guard and Tyler, who ran around in a mad hurry, trying to complete his requests as quickly as he possibly could. Tristan watched this flurry of activity in confusion. Before this, Jet had seemed to enjoy drawing things out, but now he was throwing order after order out to these demons in a rush to get things done. He almost began to admire the total control Jet had over them.

‘Tristan, if you do not move in the next five minutes, I will assume you are staying with us.’ Jet said, not turning to face him. ‘In which case, I have a job for you.’ Tristan wanted to just leap out of the window and fly away. But something inside of him locked up and he couldn’t go anywhere. Jet looked around.

‘Right then. If you’re not gonna go anywhere, I can give you that job, can’t I?’ Jet allowed himself to smile at the petrified teenager. ‘Reluctant?’ He asked. Tristan gulped and shrugged, the fear rolling off him. Jet breathed in deeply, taking a step away from the map, closer to the teenager. ‘Tough shit, kiddo. I gave you the choice.’ Tristan nodded, biting his lip. It was true; the demon had almost shown him mercy. Almost.

‘Tristan. I want you to go find that camp of angels just outside this city. I want you to kill them. All of them.’ Jet said slowly, the words reverberating inside his head. Tristan gulped. He hoped he could just run away instead of do this task. ‘I’ll be with you, Tristan, don’t you worry. No running away today. And don’t fuck up.’

The End

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