Change and DecisionsMature

Alice looked down at the map. She looked over to London, England her home country. She looked at Jet. "You worry about America, I shall go to England and claim the land for our own. When the angels stationed in America find out they will send troops over, weakening the defences around Washington." A smile spread across her lips. "I know the angels, and their plans. I know how to make England crumble." She looked down at her clothes. "First, I must clean up." She muttered to herself.

She knew the empire state building off by heart, she took her first flight here. She walked out of the door and into one of the bathrooms. She splashed her face with the cold water, her make-up stained it black. When she looked up her face looked paler than ever, the blood, as Lucifer said did not wash from her hair. Alice looked down, her clothes were in tatters. She could not go out like that. She closed her eyes, thinking of what she could wear. A cold wisp of wind surrounded her chilling her to the bone. When she opened her eyes she had a pair of skin-tight black trousers tucked into black ankle boots. Her top half was covered by a black tank top with 'Death from above.' Written on the back, her arms were wrapped in blood stained bandages.

She walked back into the room, facing Jet. She smiled. Looking over at Tyler with a seductive look on her face. She felt like a teenager again. "So, do we have a deal?" She picked up an angel flag setting it alight. She raised an eyebrow, thinking of the blood she was about to shed.


Tristan looked out of the window. His mother never even noticed. "Do you want to be on the losing side?" Jet's words echoed in his mind. He didn't want to lose, but... His mother had sacrificed herself to be with him but this wasn't his mother. Tristan was confused. His mother disappeared and appeared a few moments later. She was going to London?

Tristan looked over to his father. Tyler's face was twisted with envy even though he wasn't meant to show feeling. Alice was pushing him over the edge, did Tristan really want to be here when everything went off? He wanted to learn how to use his powers, but the angel inside him told him to go help bring Jet down. "I need to choose between them, but the angels will loose. They can't fight back. They're pacifists." Tristan shook his head. "What am I going to do?"

The End

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