Throwing away our greatest weapon.Mature

‘Now that’s what I was waiting to hear!’ Jet laughed ‘I’m glad you realised. Though your assumption that I don’t know what is going on in the rest of the world is irritating. You’re wrong. I was as responsible for the fall of London as I was the fall of New York. I just like it here more than London. Been to London too many times.’ Jet smiled and looked over at Tristan. Still under mental control, he was standing there motionless and cold. He let go of the control.

‘Cold hearted monster!’ the words tumbled out of Tristan in an angry torrent. Despite the mental control he had been under, Tristan had heard every word, and even managed to scream as his mother fell. Though it concerned Jet a little, he decided to think about that later on. It was probably just something to do with his weird genetic inheritance.

‘Your mother made the right choice, Tristan,’ Jet pulled Alice to her feet and turned her to face her son. He wrapped his arms around her waist, his cold smirk burning into Tristan’s eyes. ‘Tyler!’ Jet snapped breaking the lesser demon’s hurt expression. ‘Quit looking like a kicked puppy and bring me the map. I forgot to stick a flag on London last night. We need to start making a move on Washington, next. We need the political influence. The angels might not be much of a match, but the humans will revolt. It’s a war between the forgotten and the living, now. Unless of course the angels magically triple in numbers and strength over night.’ Tyler exited the room and, helped by one of the guards, he dragged in the table with a map of the world spread across it. There were only a few demon flags on there; most of them were angel flags. But the demons were taking the most influential areas first.

Jet let go of Alice and walked over to the table. He flicked the angel flag off London with a childish expression flickering over his face, the way a bully would knock over another child’s sand castle. Tyler stabbed in a demon flag on the map and looked over at Washington.

‘All the small towns surrounding Washington are heavily protected. We will have to kill them off before we can get into the White House and start making bigger changes politically. It worked on London. It just needs to be a bigger scale here. I wonder how Aidan is holding up as the new prime minister?’ Jet added, more muttering to himself than anyone else. Tyler made a signal to the guard on the door, who immediately brought out his phone and speed dialled. He had a quick conversation on the phone and then hung up. He looked at Tyler who nodded. Jet’s attention was still focused on the map. He was playing with an angel’s flag in his fingers, twirling it around, poking holes in the edge of the map as he contemplated something.

‘Aidan wasn’t there, but his assistant was – you know, wassis name...?’

‘Joshua.’ Jet said half listening.

‘Yeah him. He said that Aidan has gone out with his troop to sort out a riot in London. People don’t like him much.’

‘They’ll like him even less when he reveals what he is.’ Jet’s attention turned to the guard talking now. ‘Any other news?’

‘Yeah. The angels are trying to get London back. It’s nothing to worry about just yet, though we might need to send another small troop in there, just to make sure. Other than that everything is pretty much going to plan.’

‘Pretty much?’ Jet’s voice was dangerous.

‘There’s a group of survivors just outside of New York planning a way to get back in and take over.’

‘Why did no one tell me this before?’ Jet shouted. The guard’s face paled.

‘Didn’t think it was important enough to bother you with, sir!’ the guard replied, anxiety dripping from his voice.

‘Of course it’s fucking important. There’s a group of surviving angels plotting to over throw me, just outside the city. How the fuck is that not important?’ in an instant Tristan had been completely forgotten, dropping off the radar. He began to walk over to the broken window, considering just flying away while no one was watching. He took off his shirt and spread his wings, crouching. He had never had much practice at this; his mother had always been strict about it. His mother had chosen Jet’s side. He felt almost betrayed, despite knowing that he was half demon himself. He had to leave...

‘Stop. Right. There.’ Jet turned to face the Hybrid. ‘Where do you think you’re going?’

‘Away from here! I don’t choose your side!’ Jet’s eyes narrowed. He grabbed Tristan’s arm and pulled him back to the table.

‘Of course you do. Why fight against your parents? Why fight with the losing side?’ Tristan looked at the map.

‘Why are there more white flags than black flags then?’ He asked defiantly. Jet answered with only a smile.

‘Go then. If you think it’s worthwhile.’ Jet released him and turned back to the map, the white flag in his fingers snapping.

‘You would throw away our greatest weapon?’ Tyler questioned quietly.

‘No. Japan next, I think. We can take over their technology industries. It would be a useful weapon indeed.’ Jet said, the line of his mouth a grim smile.

The End

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