There is only ONE side.Mature

Alice kicked at Jet, making Jet release his grip. She fell. She could hear Tristan scream but she opened her wings slowing her descent, then she soared, her broken wings still doing their job. She appeared again at the window which Jet was leaning out of.

She narrowed her eyes as she flew into Jet knocking him over. She placed her foot upon Jet, stopping him from moving. "Listen here. I know, you never do." She spat at Jets face as she spoke. "You don't get it, the end is nigh. The angels have just lost control of London there is only one side now." Her hair was straight and deepest black, with flecks of red. She brushed it behind her ear. Her eyes were deep green, swirled with anger. She growled, her teeth a brilliant white, matching her pale skin. He clothes still lay in tatters but her change was complete.

She raised an eyebrow. "I don't care what you do to my husband," She sighed shaking her head at the thought then looked at Jet who was still pinned to the floor. "As for my son, just teach him not to kill himself okay?" A grin spread across her lips as she stood back allowing Jet to stand up. Alice's hand lit with fire, before simmering down again. She had no idea how much power she actually held. The dark side was more powerful.

She walked towards Jet, placing a kiss on his cold lips. When she pulled back she looked him straight in the eyes. "So, what is your next move?" She looked over at Tyler. Then looked at Jet, she got down on one knee, her wings opening up. They were half the size of her angel wings and were also a dark grey. Feathers fell to the floor as she stretched them. She looked up into Jet's eyes.    

The End

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