A New GodMature

Alice stood too her feet, she was filled with a certain energy, it was not love, nor the agony of her son. She could feel Lucifer pushing her forward to stop Jet. She walked, almost like a zombie towards Jet. "Jet, stop." Jet smiled as he fed off her anger. "Stop!" She cried. A sword appeared in her hand, it was embedded with diamonds she took it as a sign and ran towards Jet but her magic was weak and Jet just dismissed her illusion with ease.

Alice kept running, she soon knocked over Jet and was staring into his cold eyes. She lay ontop of him wondering what to do next, it had seemed the energy she had, had gone. She lay almost helplessly ontop of Jet, she could see the anger rising in his eyes.

She looked to a moment at Tyler, who had stopped dead looking emotionless. She turned back to Jet, his eyes were cold but a flame of rage flickered behind them. "I was sent, by Lucifer, not God to help you!" She spat holding Jet's arms down. "But I refuse to become brain-dead!" A growl erupted from her throat as she spread her wings out, threatening Jet. She realised this was a bad move as Jet just laughed.

The End

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