One of usMature

‘Ahh, Alice,’ Tyler choked back a laugh as she bowed to Jet. Tristan began to scream at her to get him out, but fell silent as she addressed Jet. Her wings were as black as Jet’s hair and her clothes and hair clotted with blood.

‘Mum...’ Tristan sobbed.

‘Sorry, Tristan. It’s the only choice I had...’ she said, looking at him. Her son looked at her in horror. She looked like she had been drowned in blood.

‘That’s not true!’ Tristan shouted angry at her for doing this to herself. She began to weep quietly as he battered her with his words. He tried to go to her, to comfort her, but he found his feet were held fast. Tyler strode over to her, picking her up by the back of her shirt and dragged her to where Tristan stood.

‘Oh, now shouldn’t you apologise to your son for doing this to him? Surely it’s bad enough his father is a demon, let alone his mother sacrificing everything and becoming a fallen angel?’ He tutted, throwing her down at Tristan’s feet. She gasped as her body made sharp contact with the hard floor. Rolling onto her back awkwardly, she looked up at her son and ex lover. Tyler sneered down at her, and Tristan tried to help her up, but was frozen in place.

‘Isn’t this touching?’ Jet smiled, his human glamour reforming. ‘An angel willing to commit suicide in an effort to save her son from the monster she later on becomes! Your plan is just a little flawed, don’t you think, Alice?’ Jet stood over her, bending down so he was just inches away from her. ‘Stupid. Little. Woman.’ He spat. The sexist comment stung her and renewed her fearful gasping sobs. Jet stood up and turned to Tyler.

‘Such a pretty little thing, don’t you think? Or at least, she could be, if it weren’t for the drowned rat look she has going on there. Though I suppose the blood is a good touch. Fittingly macabre.’ He paced away from the three figures. The guards on the door flinched he passed them. They knew he was in a bad mood. Whatever was to happen next, it could only be bad. Tyler frowned a little unsure.

‘Yes, Jet.’ He said obediently.

‘I can see why you fell for her, Tyler. She’s got a great body,’ Jet turned and winked at Tyler, smirking. Tyler kept his face blank, picking up on the guard’s fear.

‘Indeed,’ Tyler agreed, watching as Jet walked back over to them, pushing the desk chair out of his way as he went. There was a crash of glass, and the desk chair flew out of the hole it created, falling thirty storeys to the pavement below.  ‘Do you still love her, Tyler?’ he asked as he stopped next to the hybrid teenager.

‘No, Jet, I believe it was you that beat all notions of love and compassion out of my soul long ago.’ Tyler replied, watching the demon.

‘So you have no feelings for your son? Your own... flesh and blood?’ Jet’s voice took a menacing tone, rising above Alice’s cries. ‘Shut up!’ Jet snarled at her, exerting his will over her limp form. She was pushed across the floor away from the three men.

‘No, Jet. You know that, too.’ Tyler said warily.

‘I know. Just... checking.’ The demon smiled as it moved slowly around Tristan. ‘Just making sure you don’t care when I rip his soul apart and convert the boy. He will be one of us.’ Jet leaned in and gripped Tristan’s shoulder, hissing in his ear. Tristan shuddered and tried to make the demon let go of his shoulder, but his effort was futile. ‘Don’t struggle, you stupid little shit!’ Jet shouted, sending a shock of electricity through him. Tristan’s screams mixed with his mother’s as she felt the pain too.

‘Why would I mind?’ Tyler asked coldly, feeding on his own son’s agony.

The End

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