Self SacrificeMature

Alice fell to her knees. She knew of only one way she could get her son back. She got up, tears still streaming down her face she walked into the kitchen. She grabbed the biggest knife she could find and walked into the front room. She began to slice through the flesh of her wings, in her head she could hear the screams of other angels as she severed her connection.

Her pure white feathers fell to the floor masked in her blood. She hit bone and with a final scream she broke it. The tears fell to the floor diluting the blood. In her final act she whispered sorry to her God and plunged the knife into her stomach.

She fell to the floor, the knife edging futher into her stomach. Suddenly she felt herself melting through the floor and through the Earth. She looked around the molten palace, a demon stood infront of her. "Congratulations." He sniggered sarcastically. "You just became a new breed." He helped her to her feet, then pulled the knife from her gut. Healing her wound. "Now, fallen angel. Why are you here? Must be a great reason for an Angel." He spat the word at the floor, "For an Angel to kill herself." He laughed again.
"I want to help my son." She announced, no fear in her voice.
"Ahh, the hybrid."
"Yes. Please, take me to him."
"Only if you pledge to help us defeat the angels dear." He placed a hand on her wings, they turned deepest black. Alice nodded her head, her light brown hair was stained with blood. "Go, follow your gut. But know you will never be able to wash the blood from your hair, nor forget what you have done. You must live with it." The demon, also known as lucifer smiled an evil grin. "Go, follow your demonic instinct, I must stay here."

Alice stood, her clothes lay in tatters but she must find her son. Her tears stained her cheeks, mixing with the blood upon her skin. She began to disappear, using some sort of teleportation power. In moments she stood infront of Jet, her son and her former husband. She daren't look at her son's face as the horror of what she became struck her. But she was there for one reason, she turned to Jet. "Your leige." She growled. 

The End

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