Tristan didn’t know what to make of Tyler’s words. A war between the angels and demons? A secret love affair? And what was this about Tyler being killed and saved by this Jet guy? He was almost scared of his father, the way he had reacted when Tristan had referred to Jet as ‘this Jet guy’. Tyler clearly respected Jet, and was under Jet’s power. Tristan didn’t know if he liked that, at all. And this ‘training’ that Tyler had talked about.

‘I...’ Tristan spluttered. ‘I... don’t know what to say!’ he tried to look into his father’s eyes, but the cold, evil force he saw there was too much. He assumed this training would teach him only how to use his demonic powers, ignoring the angelic ones.

‘I understand, you wish to think it over, talk to your mother, am I right?’ Tyler tried to look sympathetic, but the coldness in his eyes wasn’t fully masked, now that Tristan had seen it. He could hear it too, in Tyler’s voice. He had mentioned his punishment for his love affair before, and Tristan wondered if this was what was to blame. He saw how rigidly the glamour before him held itself, the military posture and commanding voice. Whatever had been saved of Tyler’s soul, it had contained no love. Tristan speculate as to whether this was Jet’s doing; had Jet taken all love from his father?

‘Yeah I guess you are.’ Tristan muttered, looking at the dent in the table.

‘Are you guys okay?’ Alice called down the stairs; ‘I heard raised voices!’ she padded down the stairs wrapped in a dressing gown. She emerged in the kitchen, her eyes worried, a grim frown line on her forehead.

‘We’re fine.’ Tyler said, plastering a smile on his face for Alice. She looked dubious for a moment, before turning around announcing that she was going to get dressed and she would be back down in a moment. Tyler leaned across the table towards his son, the warm kitchen lighting only enhancing the chill in his eyes as Tristan watched him.

‘Come with me, son. Your mother will understand, I promise. Training will take less than a year! You’ll get to see your old man’s work place in New York?’ Tyler forced a shard of hope into his voice as he smiled at his son. He extended a hand across the polished wood, reaching forward for Tristan. Tristan leant away from the reaching demon, but the glamour’s arm kept extending, the icy cold artificial skin meeting Tristan’s warmer skin. Tristan froze. His eyes slid up to meet Tyler’s and his mouth opened slightly.

‘Okay.’ Tristan muttered robotically. Tyler smiled and stood.

‘Good.’ He walked around the table to his motionless son and placed a hand on his shoulder. ‘Then we really have to get going.’ He said in a low voice. Drawing on his and his son’s energy, Tyler teleported them away from the house, a couple of blocks away where all was quiet and no one was around to see them

‘Transform into a bird, and use your energy to keep you awake. We’re on for a long flight. Follow me.’ He said. His son obeyed dumbly and the two of them took off.

‘Tristan?’ Alice called from upstairs. ‘It’s very quiet down there. Tristan?’ she ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. The chairs were empty and she could smell the cold energy of the demon. Biting her lip, she checked all the rooms, her movements becoming increasingly panicked as she discovered each room was empty. She was alone, and Tyler had taken Tristan. She screamed wordlessly, tears raging around her eyes.

In a sky scraper in New York – or what was left of it – Jet sat in a desk chair, pushing himself around the room irritably. He hated waiting. And having to wait longer than a day for something to happen never failed to irk him. His black hair was flicking around uncontrollably, and catching sight of himself in a window, Jet tried to flatten it. It half worked, though part of it still looked like sex hair and he swore, growing more irritated by the second.

‘Where the fuck is that useless shit?’ he roared, getting up and pacing around the room.

‘I...’ one of the demons at the door started, looking out of the window, something catching his eye. ‘What the...?’ he cried as the window imploded, showering the demons in the room in glass. Jet hissed angrily as glass embedded itself in his glamour. Raging, Jet transformed into his true being, screeching at the two figures hurtling towards the gap in the glass. Sensing the presences outside, he paused. Two birds, one a raven, the other an eagle landed on the floor. The eagle turned to Jet and inclined its head gracefully before transforming into a human glamour. Tyler stood in its place and glared at the raven, kicking out at it. The raven transformed, too, and Jet grinned triumphantly as Tristan stood staring blankly at the wall. Tyler slapped the boy around the face and frowned. Tristan blinked, snapping out of his trance.

‘Training, boy. Meet Jet.’ Tyler said, standing over the teenager like a lieutenant.

The End

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