Come with me.Mature

Tyler attempted to explain the training to Alice, but she went into over protective mother mode and wouldn’t hear any of it. He dropped it and waited until later. He questioned Tristan about the fire in the hall and eventually his son admitted it was his fault. Alice scolded him, but he didn’t seem to care much. His father noticed just how much like him his son really was. He had taken on the features from his glamour that he had been wearing when he had been with Alice. He had strong features, a squared jaw and enticing eyes, though Tristan’s were different to Tyler’s.

Tyler walked into the kitchen to find Tristan rooting through the fridge, looking for something with an air of irritation. He didn’t look up as Tyler walked in.

‘Mum, have you seen the halloumi?’ he asked, moving things around.

‘No I haven’t.’ Tyler said smiling as Tristan stood bolt upright.

‘You made me jump,’ Tristan said, turning around.

‘Your mother is in the bath. I’d like to have a little chat with you.’ Tyler said, indicating to a chair that pulled itself out from under the table. Hesitantly, Tristan sat down, closing the fridge with his foot. Tyler took a seat opposite him, placing his elbows on the table and lacing his fingers together.

‘I’m going to assume you’ve been told about your heritage?’ Tyler said. Tristan shrugged. ‘Well, what do you know?’

‘That you’re a demon, and mum is an angel. I have powers from both sides, but the most interesting ones are from you. I didn’t mean to set the hall on fire, earlier. I was just playing around with the tea lights that were set around the gazebo outside. Making them fly around, you know. They just kinda flew into the decorations... by accident.’ Tristan said, trailing off towards the end. He looked at his father.

‘So you know that much. Anything else?’

‘Well, the obvious, you’re evil, mum is good, et cetera. I was always told “daddy’s powers are bad, don’t use them, Tristan”’ he said taking on a mocking tone as he imitated his mother.

‘Nothing else?’ Tyler pushed.

‘Not really. Mum has always been a bit over protective, and I just wanted to be a normal teenager, at least for now. I didn’t push for much. Though I know you were pulled away on a work trip or something. Surely a work trip doesn’t last for sixteen years?’ Tristan arched an eyebrow questioningly at his father, challenging him.

‘Don’t push it, Tristan. I was killed and taken back to the underworld. That’s all you need to know about that.’ Tyler said coldly. ‘I was valuable to Jet’s forces, so he saved what he could of my soul and put me back together.’

‘Who’s this Jet guy you keep mentioning?’ Tristan asked, frustration creeping into his voice. Tyler slammed his hands down on the table, leaving a dent in the solid wood.

‘Jet is one of the most respected, most dangerous demons in existence! How dare you talk about him in such a blasphemous way?’ he shouted. Tristan cowered a little, but did not get up. Tyler took a deep breath and calmed down a little. ‘The demons have been fighting the angels for years. Over the centuries, the blood has weakened, we have been reduced to breeding with humans and it’s affected us badly. Your mother and I are rare purebloods. We had a forbidden relationship. I was supposed to be keeping a tab on her, but I lied to my own people. I have been punished for it. And you, my son, are about to spark this dying war off again. Your mother has been keeping you a secret for so long, but you kept exposing yourself, with stupid tricks and transformations! I can hardly believe I have spawned such an idiot!’ Tyler ranted and Tristan listened silently. ‘Which is why,’ Tyler said, coming to an end, ‘You must come with me, to train yourself to hide what you are.’


The End

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