You Have,No ChoiceMature

Alice stood at the door, closing it behind Tyler as he stepped in. She looked at him, standing in the hallway. "How dare you!" She shouted, landing a blow on his chest, it was weak but she didn't want to hurt him. Tears rolled down her cheek as she collapsed into his arms. "How dare you come back now? I thought I had lost you!" She cried, landing more blows onto his chest. "I'm sorry," he smiled running his fingers through her hair. She rested her head onto his chest, "No heartbeat." She thought smiling. "I thought I lost you!" She stood up, his hands still steadying her. "For a moment there you did." He held her close as they walked into the living room and collapsed onto the sofa. "So, why are you back?" Her voice was tipped with suspicion. "I'm not going to lie to you." He said, holding her at arms length.

Tyler never got to finish that sentence when the door burst open and Tristan came walking in. "What are you doing home, it has only been a few minutes!" Alice said, looking at Tyler awkwardly. Tristan sat in the chair opposite them. "The town hall set on fire." He said cooly. Tyler laughed, which earned him a punch on the arm from Alice. "Was it you?" She asked, trying to keep her calm. "No," Tristan lied smoothly. "Anyway whose this?" He raised an eyebrow. "This is your father Tristan." She smiled.

Alice fidgeted. She hated awkward silence's. Tyler stood, walking over to his son, inspecting him. "I came back, to take Tristan for training. You know he's part demon, you won't be able to handle him." He explained waving a hand at Alice."Training?" She snapped. "Where? With who?" She questioned angrily. "New York, with Jet." Alice stood. "No! I won't let you!" She pulled at Tyler's arm to move him away.

"Sorry," He spoke in her head before anouncing. "You have no choice." He growled, knocking Alice across the room he grabbed the boy's arm dragging him out of the door. "Neither do you boy!" He shouted.    

The End

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