Honey, I'm home...Mature

The hybrid walked off, his angelic mother standing in the doorway of her home, watching him proudly. Tyler disappeared from sight too late. Alice had seen him. It didn’t matter; he needed to be a part of her life again anyway. He just didn’t want to do it so abruptly. He needed to readjust to human life; he had been gone so long. He had missed a lot. He re-established himself in the town, making sure he knew his way around. He followed the Hybrid to another house where he met up with some girl he knew.

‘Hey, Tristan!’ she chirped. She skittered up to him, and stood on her tip-toes to kiss his cheek, clinging to his arm.

‘Hey, Kirsty.’ He replied, returning the kiss with cool affection. She blushed and grinned up at him. Her perfectly curled hair bounced around her shoulders as they set off for the town hall for the prom. They held hands as they walked, though they said very little to each other. Tyler followed in his blue bird form, vaguely curious. They reached the building and Tristan held the door open for Kirsty, making her giggle. Tyler had only spent a few minutes watching her and he already had a strong urge to rip her throat out. She was the worst kind of girl – giggly and bubbly and perfect. He was glad he couldn’t follow them inside.

He doubled back, now, to Alice’s house. He cut through the air with practiced ease, the cool evening air towards the building that smelt of happy life. He nearly turned back and assigned someone else to the job, but he carried on, not letting the stench of contentment deter him. He detected a fainter aroma of loneliness, and letting that fuel him, he landed on the pavement next to the fence. When no one was around, he transformed into his old human glamour, changing a few things so he fitted in with the new styles he had seen around.

He baited his breath and opened the gate, walking confidently up to the front door. He knocked three times and waited, standing back from the door a little. The answer was quick, the door swinging inwards to reveal Alice. The unaged face stared dumbly at Tyler’s own visage, taking him in, in silent shock.

The End

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