Alice looked at the little terror, gazing into his eyes, the golden-green orbs swirling around high-lighting the boy's pale skin.

Ten years later Alice was staring into those perfect eyes again, brushing down his clothes. "Mum!" Tristan squirmed snatching himself away from her a blush appearing on his cheeks.

Tyler stood at the gates of hell, he looked up at the steely iron, the gates were cold to the touch even in the fiery depths of hell. As Tyler touched the gates they swung open to reveal a three headed, black, snarling beast with demonic red eyes and giant snapping jaws. "Your name." It growled. Tyler looked up at the dog. "Tyler.  Mission: Re-inforce Jet's reign." He stopped, hesitating. "Make sure all angel's die. Save the Hybrid." Tyler saluted Cerberus, the great dog, as it bowed its three heads and moved out the way. Tyler ascended the stairs, into the blinding light of Earth.

Alice kissed Tristan on the forehead, "OK ready? Remember what I said." Alice smiled, taking in the image of Tristan dressed in his suit. But Tristan just rolled his eyes. "Don't set anything on fire, no flying or turning into scary animals." Alice laughed, she recognised that tone. "OK, have fun in prom." She looked out of the window. A bluebird sat on the fence. "Tyler?" She murmured. Instantly the blue bird disappeared, as did Tristan disappearing into the horizon.  


The End

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