Bathed in BloodMature

Months had passed, filled with nothing but anxiety and sorrow. Months trailed by creeping along hand in hand with time. Alice paced the room, still waiting for a call from Tyler. Waiting for him to walk through the door and embrace her. Another tear fell to the floor, she kept telling herself everything will be OK but she never believed it. She clutched her stomach, falling to her knees. "No!" She cried, "Not without him!" The tears began to pour down her cheeks.

Tyler walked down the narrow alleyway. A red light flickered onto the haunting buildings. He reached the cold, steel door and pushed it open cursing as it creaked. He closed the door then turned into a spider. He scuttled along the floor turning left and right appropriately. He turned into the room labeled 'blood bank: office.' He turned back into a human and opened the door.
A man sat at his desk typing away, when he looked up and saw Tyler he let out the most horrific shriek. "Security!" Tyler winced at the horrible noise. "Now Malcom, you will tell me where the angel is and how you got its blood!" A snarl came from his lips as he spoke. The man shook his head. Tyler held a conjured blade to his throat, still he did not speak.

In a moment the security guards were there, kicking the door down and holding up their guns in a futile attempt to threaten Tyler. Tyler simply threw back his head and laughed, but before he could say anything a scream echoed through his head. Tyler froze. "No, Tyler, where are you? Tyler!" Alice screamed. Just at that time in a seemingly parallel universe a pain shot through Tyler's head, then arms. Glamour blood poured from his wounds as he fell to the floor, his energy getting drained with every shot yet he did not move. "Alice?" He whimpered before his body burst into flames, his being returning to the underworld, he had failed. He had failed Alice, now who would protect her?

Alice sat on the floor, cradling a baby boy wrapped in an old blanket. "Tyler?" She called trying to talk to him through their bond. But no reply. Alice began to get worried until a familiar voice rang through her head. "Sorry Alice, I have failed you. Sorry, Take care of the baby OK?" She looked down at the baby. His small black feathered wings unfolding. She smiled, but tears formed down her face. "No, I didn't want you to be born in blood." She cried, embracing the small child.  

The End

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