I have to go, Alice.Mature

Tyler didn’t know what to make of Alice’s announcement. He was sure they had been careful. As they parted, Tyler let out a string of expletives.

‘How did I let this happen?’ he asked himself loudly, attracting a few curious stares. ‘Fuck off!’ he snapped at them, stalking past the rubber-neckers. He would have created a half breed. Half angel, half demon. It would only intensify the war that was already raging around him. If anyone else found out, that is. He sighed and turned left down a back alley. His mind flicked restlessly between Jet and Alice. He didn’t know what he wanted. It was like tectonic plates shifting, and all he had to do was choose which side to be on when it finally happened. Loyalty to what he was? Or loyalty to Alice and... and his child. He stopped where he was in the alley and sunk to his knees, his head in his hands. What had he done? Was it not bad enough that everything he was opposed the one thing in this world that he truly cared about?

In truth, had there been no war, if it were not for the fear he lived in he would have been over-joyed at Alice’s announcement. If only he hadn’t made this choice. If only he didn’t have to be loyal to Jet. Jet... He knew he had a job to do. Jet had contacted him only last night. Move towards New York. Get the next instructions. Probably launch an attack on another influential city in America. He had lost the words he had planned to tell Alice when she had told him she was pregnant. He had to meet up with her again, before he lost his head completely. He got his phone out, stumbling to his feet again. He leant against a wall as he waited for her to pick up.

‘Tyler?’ Alice’s voice said in his ear. She sounded worried; he had only used the phone to tell her something bad. And this time was no exception.

‘Hi, Alice,’ He said listlessly.

‘What’s up?’ she asked.

‘I... Nothing.’ He said eventually, changing his mind last minute.

‘What is it, Tyler?’ the concern in her voice becoming more evident.

‘Don’t worry. Forget I called you. Bye.’ He rushed to the end of the conversation, his heart in his mouth. He snapped his phone shut and squeezed it in his hand hard. ‘Shit.’ He muttered. Growling and cursing himself, he threw his phone at the wall opposite him, shattering the plastic case and mini LCD screen on the front. It clattered to the damp ground at his feet in several pieces. Half heartedly, the remaining body of the phone began to vibrate across the concrete, passing his left foot as it slid down the slight decline. Gritting his teeth, Tyler lifted his foot, bringing it crashing down on the phone. He stalked off, still cursing himself in his head as he moved. Finding a secluded area, he transformed into a raven and took flight.

As he had many a night, Tyler flew not to his own house, but to Alice’s. He waited on the garden fence until she reached the gate, taking flight as any other bird would as she approached. He landed on the gutter at the front of the house, watching her as she unlocked the front door of the empty building. Closing his eyes, he transformed again, into a blue bird, swooping down to her bedroom window. He sat on the window ledge, watching from the corner of his eye as she entered her room, flopping onto the double bed, her wings spread out across the dark sheets. He looked wistfully at her beautiful wings, her perfect body and flawless features.

He couldn’t protect her anymore, if he was in New York. Going was not an option; it was an order from Jet. It had to be obeyed. Taking Alice with him was not an option; it was too dangerous to take an angel into demon territory. It was dangerous to leave her, too. He sighed, and began to tap the window with his beak. She turned her head to the window, but did not move. He tapped harder. Still she did not move, just laying there watching him. He sent a thought out to her. ‘Alice, let me in!’

Finally, wearily, Alice got up to the window. She looked a little confused, as she opened the window to let the blue bird in. He hopped to the middle of the floor and transformed into his human form.

‘Alice,’ he started, pulling her into a hug, placing a tender kiss on her forehead as she leant into his chest.

‘What is it, Tyler? Why did you just hang up?’ she cried, pulling away from his embrace.

‘I couldn’t say it over the phone. It wasn’t fair.’ He said, sitting down on the edge of the bed. She joined him, listening to what he had to say. ‘Alice, I’ve been called to New York.’ He exhaled gustily, his lips forming an unhappy line on his face. Before she could say anything, he carried on relentlessly, ‘I have to go, Alice. Jet is not a demon you ignore. I will come back to you as soon as I possibly can.’ He tried to hold her hand, but she pulled it away from him, not meeting his eyes.

The End

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