Forbidden trustMature

Humans! The demon snorted, sensing the man’s thoughts. He couldn’t blame the guy though; the waitress was worth thinking about in that way. But nowhere near as beautiful as the angel that sat at a nearby table. He ordered a coke and as he handed over the money, he felt the policeman’s eyes on him. The policeman had pushed the tasteless thoughts aside momentarily, looking at the demon with suspicion in his gaze. The demon smiled amicably and turned back to the waitress, taking his coke from her.

‘Snap,’ the angel smiled grimly, holding up her drink.

‘What’s up, Alice?’ the demon sat down opposite her, not interested in pleasantries when there were more pressing things to talk about.

‘Just the news...’ she looked him in the eye. ‘Did you hear?’

‘Jet got hold of New York, yeah I heard. He’s just doing his job. All the armies in the world couldn’t reclaim New York from him.’ The demon shook his head, half admiration for his colleague, half ashamed that he was one of them. He was different... he had a conscience. But it didn’t change very much; he was still the “bad guy”.

‘Tyler,’ Alice started hesitantly, ‘you don’t... you don’t admire that guy, do you?’ she looked down at the table, waiting for his reply. She tapped the side of her glass, refusing to look up until he said something.

‘I...’ Tyler started. He wasn’t sure what to say. Obviously she wanted to hear about how he hated it, but Tyler couldn’t bring himself to lie to this perfect woman. He opened his mouth to finish his sentence, but he was cut off.

‘You do, don’t you?’ she snapped suddenly. He pressed his lips together tightly, trying to suppress his irritation.

‘Alice!’ his voice rose above the acceptable level for friendly chatter in a cafe. Eyes turned to stare at him, but he ignored their probing gazes. He was looking Alice in the eye, now, not breaking the contact as he spoke slowly and clearly in a low voice. ‘I do not look up to him. I never have, I never will.’ Tyler’s eyes blazed, flickering between his glamour’s hazel brown and black as he spoke.

‘There’s a “but” isn’t there?’ Alice accused. Still Tyler did not break the eye contact between them.

‘I might be a demon, Alice,’ his voice was thick, hurt that she still couldn’t trust him, ‘but I'm no liar. I would have thought you would know this by now. I thought you could trust me.’ He turned his head away, finally breaking the intensity between them. There was a short pause.

‘I do trust you, Tyler,’ Alice said quietly, almost as though she were trying to convince herself more than him. ‘I just sometimes wonder if you’re not just playing with me. I don’t know how much control the demon side of you has...’ she trailed off awkwardly. Tyler didn’t look at her, staring down at his coke. The ice had melted and condensation ran down the side of the glass, over his fingers, pooling at the bottom of the glass on the plastic tablecloth. He peeled his fingers from the glass, tracing patterns in the pooling condensation.

‘Come on,’ Alice said, taking his hand as she spoke, ‘let me show you just how much I trust you..’ she rose from the table, taking Tyler with her, abandoning their wasted cokes on the cheap table.


The End

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