News Travels FastMature

Alice sat at the counter in the café, she had a coke in her hand, clinking the ice against the side of the glass as she swirled around the brown liquid. Her light ginger hair fell around her pale face. Her light grey eyes studied the small TV screen in the corner. It buzzed and flickered as the news woman shuffled her papers.

"And today's breaking news. New York has been taken over by a serial killer calling himself Jet, King of Demons. The army are moving in but so far no further progress has been made. More on this story as it develops."

The TV flickered as the waitress changed the channel to American Football. Alice took a sip from her glass, her red lipstick leaving a stain on the side. She sat, looking at the door every time it swung open. She was waiting for someone quite special to her. She folded her whitish-grey wings onto her back. Humans are so blind they couldn't even see her wings. Nor a demons aura. She smiled, swirling the liquid round some more.

The door opened and the bell chimed. She glanced toward the door in anticipation, only to find that it was another policeman at the end of his shift. "Good morning Julie. I'll have the usual." The man muttered to the waitress. How sad that the man actually came in here enough times to have 'a usual.' But, by his mind he didn't just want a coffee and jam donut from the waitress. Alice shuddered at the humans mind. "They are all the same." Another shudder ran down her spine as the little bell on the door rang as it swung open.

The End

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